Zhongxin Finance, February 11 (Reporter Zhang Xu) According to CCTV news reports, on February 9, a passenger plane of China Eastern Airlines was about to take off at Yulin Yuyang Airport for Xi'an. During the routine inspection before takeoff, it was found that the plane appeared. The malfunction caused the flight to be delayed for a long time.

At present, several departments including the Civil Aviation Administration of Shaanxi have been involved in the investigation.

  The fault mentioned here is the "off-runway touchdown" that occurred when the flight landed from Xi'an to Yulin.

  On February 9, China Eastern Airlines flight MU2287 from Xi'an, Shaanxi to Yulin Yuyang Airport touched down outside the runway and some components were damaged.

Zhongxin Finance inquired about China Eastern Airlines, but has not responded as of press time.

  The Feichangzhun APP shows that the MU2287 passenger plane took off from Xi'an Xianyang Airport at 7:52 in the morning on February 9 and landed at Yulin Yuyang Airport at 8:42, with a flight time of 50 minutes.

The passenger seat of the flight was normal that day, and the number of passengers was about 50.

The model information shows that the flight was operated by an Airbus A320 aircraft, numbered B305Y, with an age of 3.1 years.

Data from Fei Changzhun.

  Later, some social media users posted that the plane was in the landing stage because the glide path was too low, and the plane tires "scratched" with the runway lights of Yulin Yuyang Airport, causing damage to the plane tires.

At the same time, some aviation professionals posted photos of China Eastern Airlines' maintenance crew changing tires at Yulin Airport.

  The so-called "off-runway touchdown" can be understood as the aircraft did not land on the runway accurately, but landed off the runway and made contact with the ground.

  A senior maintenance engineer of a state-owned airline told Zhongxin Finance: "Because there are many lighting facilities near the runway,

when the runway touches down outside the runway, it will damage the landing gear or tires. In severe cases, it will cause damage to the fuselage, which is very dangerous

. If only the tires are damaged , the replacement of tires can generally be completed within two or three hours, if there is other damage to the fuselage, the repair time depends on the specific situation."

  Why does an off-runway touchdown occur?

The above-mentioned maintenance engineer said that it can be divided into three situations, aircraft failure, weather and pilot misjudgment.

  "Because the aircraft has multiple systems, the off-runway touchdown caused by the aircraft failure is rare; more cases are caused by weather changes, such as wind shear; and some are caused by the pilot's misjudgment of the flight attitude or energy, resulting in Touchdown off the runway."

  It is worth noting that the weather at Yulin Yuyang Airport was normal that day, and there was no severe weather.

Therefore, what caused the accidental grounding has yet to be disclosed by the investigation results.

  This is not the first time such incidents have occurred for airlines.

On May 1, 2016, when an A319 aircraft of China Eastern Airlines was performing a flight from Chengdu to Kangding, the right main wheel hit the lead-in light during the approach and landing at Kangding Airport. Externally grounded.

  After the incident, the Civil Aviation Administration grounded the two captains involved for life, reduced the passenger traffic of China Eastern Airlines Sichuan by 10%, and suspended relevant leaders.

  On October 16, 2020, when Shenzhen Airlines was performing flight ZH9247 from Xi'an to Panzhihua, the plane scratched some runway lights during the landing, resulting in tire punctures and partial scratches on the belly.

  The follow-up accident investigation by the Civil Aviation Administration determined that the Shenzhen Airlines passenger plane touched down outside the runway, causing damage to the aircraft fuselage, part of the runway lights and related equipment, which constituted a serious symptom of transport aviation as the cause of responsibility.

  According to the "Measures for Classification of Civil Aircraft Symptom Grading", which will be implemented on October 1, 2021, the so-called severe transport aviation symptom refers to the symptom with a high probability of accident occurring during the operation stage, and it is also the highest level of civil aircraft symptom. .

"Overrunning, veering off the runway, or touching down off the runway during takeoff or landing" are all transport aviation serious symptom events