The first large-scale job fair after the Spring Festival in Taiyuan kicked off, with more than 300 units bringing more than 10,000 jobs

  The hard work of recruiting "grabbing people"

  "It is expected that many people will enter the field to look for jobs today, but I didn't expect so many to come." At about 9 o'clock on February 8, I saw that the job seekers waiting to enter the field had already lined up for three circles and three circles. Taiyuan has a lot of talents. Zhang Yongjuan, manager of the marketing planning department, expressed such emotion.

The job fair on that day strictly implemented dynamic current limit and isolated queuing management. Job seekers had to wear masks, show health codes and travel cards, and enter the venue at different times and intervals. As a result, many job seekers had to wait in line outside.

  On February 8th and 9th, the first large-scale job fair after the Spring Festival in Taiyuan was held in the Taiyuan Talent Market in Wuyi Square.

In this large-scale job fair, a total of more than 300 households and employers brought more than 10,000 positions to the field for recruitment, and online recruitment and live broadcast activities were carried out simultaneously.

As of 11:00 on February 8, more than 100 units on site provided more than 5,000 jobs of various types, and more than 5,000 job seekers entered the site, and the initial employment intention rate was about 35%.

You can watch the live broadcast to understand the situation in the field when queuing

  The "Large Recruitment Fair for Graduates" in Taiyuan Talent Market has been held since 2003. It is the first large-scale recruitment event in Taiyuan after the Spring Festival.

"I used to say that it was crowded with people." Zhang Yongjuan is a veteran of the Taiyuan Talent Market, and she has witnessed many "first" job fairs in the spring.

  In 2020 and 2021, due to the epidemic, offline recruitment will be suspended.

Knowing that offline recruitment will resume this year, many employers have booked booths early to prepare for "robbing" people after the festival; many job seekers are also eager to find a job in the spring and give themselves a good future.

"For the sake of epidemic prevention and control, we controlled the number of people in the venue to about 500, and everyone entered the venue in turn." Zhang Yongjuan said.

  In front of the Taiyuan Talent Market, there are staff from time to time issuing QR codes to job seekers waiting to enter.

Scan the QR code on your mobile phone to watch the "live broadcast" and learn about the recruitment situation in the venue.

"I have been waiting in line for half an hour, and I can just use the time in the queue to watch the live broadcast and learn about the jobs in the field in advance." Xiao Wang, a graduate of Jinzhong College, told the Shanxi Evening News reporter that he had written down the booth of his favorite unit. No., you can go straight to the theme when you enter the venue, which is more efficient.

  This job fair brings together Foxconn, Shanxi First Construction, Tianjin Dingyi Food (Master Kong), Shanxi Jiantou Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd., Liuweizhai, Yaxin Energy Group, Zilin Vinegar, Provincial Environmental Engineering Design Institute, Jiuniu Animal Husbandry, etc. A large number of high-quality enterprises in various industries are recruiting on-site.

The participating units cover nearly 40 industries including trade, retail, business services, education, modern manufacturing, information transmission, computer and software, construction, foreign trade logistics, scientific research, electricity, real estate, finance, health, social security, and culture.

  Xiao Duan, an accounting graduate of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, is the first time to participate in an offline job fair outside the school.

For this job fair, her first feeling was that "there are too many people and many positions".

"I feel that there are quite a lot of opportunities, so finding a job should not be a problem." Xiao Duan said: "I am looking for a job now, and I am waiting for the results of the postgraduate examination to prepare for further studies and employment."

Three changes have taken place in the needs of the industry

  Xiao Lin, a senior at Yuncheng University, majored in food engineering. He originally thought that his major was "unpopular", and it was not easy to find a job, but he didn't expect that he was quite popular.

"I am very happy to see that many companies such as Liuweizhai and Jiuniu Animal Husbandry have suitable positions for them." Xiaolin said that after walking around the job fair, he had received an "interview notice", and he was more optimistic about the future. I am confident.

  "Compared with previous years, due to the impact of the epidemic and policy changes, the industry demand of recruiting units has changed to a certain extent this year." Zhang Yongjuan said, it is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, the recruitment needs of trade/wholesale/retail industries Steady increase, the number of recruited positions accounted for 38.8% of the audience, ranking first.

Secondly, the recruitment demand of leasing and business services has rebounded greatly, becoming the industry with the second largest demand in this field, accounting for 13.6%.

Third, in the education industry, which had a large demand in previous years, the demand for employment has dropped significantly due to the double reduction policy, and the proportion of recruitment in this field is only 4.9%.

  From the point of view of job demand, the most in-demand jobs in this job fair are marketing jobs. Marketing jobs have thriving for many years. They are jobs that are in great demand by almost all companies, and the supply of human resources is in short supply.

Secondly, there is a large demand for professional talents, mainly for various professional engineers with high education and high technical content, which are concentrated in industries such as manufacturing, construction and large-scale enterprises.

  Jobs with greater job competition mainly include administration/logistics/secretary, finance/accounting, etc.

Zhang Yongjuan introduced that there is a large stock and supply of talents in these positions, but companies have limited recruitment needs for such talents, thus forming a tense situation of oversupply of human resources, resulting in greater pressure of job-seeking competition and a relatively severe employment situation.

"It is difficult to recruit people" and "difficult to find employment" is due to high expectations

  Shanxi Evening News reporters saw at the scene that many employers are no longer satisfied with waiting for job seekers to "come at their door", but take the initiative to attack, or "scream" with all their might, or step forward to "snatch people".

"We are a state-owned enterprise, and the guaranteed minimum salary is 2,500 yuan..." Ms. Zheng, who is in charge of recruitment at Guoda Pharmacy, "sells" every job seeker who passes by her booth.

"I feel this morning that everyone has high expectations for jobs, and many people come to see them, and there are not many people who are anxious to find jobs." Ms. Zheng said.

  In Zhang Yongjuan's view, high employment expectations are still the main problem in the employment of college graduates.

"Graduates feel that 'the ideal unit cannot be found', and many employers are in urgent need of talents but cannot recruit graduates. This reflects that graduates still seek high salaries, comfort, and fame. The mentality is still relatively common," she said. At present, many graduates do not have good plans for their careers. They generally hope to work in large enterprises such as government agencies, state-owned enterprises, and state-owned enterprises.

In addition to consulting job requirements and salaries, many graduates who come to apply for jobs at the job fair will ask questions such as "is there a place for employees to play, how is the working atmosphere, and how well the leaders get along with each other".

  The relevant person in charge of Taiyuan Talent Market reminded graduates that career planning is very important, and they must find their own goals and paths, make plans and implement them.

If you don't find the right direction, you will easily find a job casually, and you will frequently change jobs when your work does not match your personal pursuits.

When choosing a job, short-term benefits such as salary and benefits should not be the focus. The long-term development of the career and the long-term development of oneself are the top priorities.

  A reporter from the Shanxi Evening News saw that a "free job-seeking registration and job-seeking guidance area" for graduates was set up at the job fair, free job-seeking registration for all job seekers, and free job recommendation based on job-seeking intentions; an employment consulting service area was also opened for job-seekers. Provide resume guidance, employment consultation, social security policy answers, etc. If job seekers have any confusion in the job search process, they can consult the staff in the service area.