The board of directors of the German Foundation for Patient Protection, Eugen Brysch, has criticized the planned corona bonus for nursing staff. It was a "rude awakening for the 1.5 million nurses in Germany," said Brysch of the German Press Agency. The care bonus is nothing more than a tax bonus. “The state foregoes tax revenue. The prerequisite for this, however, is that employers pay an additional up to 3,000 euros per nursing staff. But many hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient services will not be able to do this at all.” After all, up to 4.6 billion euros are involved.

The federal government wants to provide one billion euros for the Corona bonus for nursing staff.

The proposed law regulates that these premiums remain tax-free up to an amount of 3000 euros.

As much of the money as possible should actually reach the employees.

This applies to special payments, among other things, for employees in hospitals, in intensive care, for outpatient nurses and employees in nursing homes.

“The traffic light in the coalition agreement testifies to the outstanding performance of the nursing staff in the pandemic.

But Red-Yellow-Green is not willing to raise the corona premiums themselves.

So the government accepts that many employees will get nothing,” said Brysch.

The government should instead guarantee the care bonus from budget funds.