China News Service, Huzhou, January 28 (Huzhou Fengsheng, Shi Zinan, Yao Shufen) Right now, in Huzhou, Zhejiang, in the whistle of "Building a Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone", a series of "Common Prosperity Buses" are starting from the local area and bound for Common Prosperity. "Terminal".

Up to now, Huzhou has followed the bus operation mode, and there are 11 "buses" such as excellent education sharing, chronic disease service, and Leye Huzhou, which honk their horns.

  How should I get on the "Gongfu Shuttle"?

How to achieve common prosperity?

  The just-concluded Zhejiang Provincial Two Sessions proposed to make the "cake" bigger and better through joint efforts, and to divide the "cake" through institutional arrangements.

Nanxun, Huzhou, by focusing on cultivating "co-rich cells", exploring "co-prosperity paths", and reshaping "co-prosperity carriers", the district has unlocked the green co-prosperity with local characteristics of "rich villages, green fields, and beautiful environment". password".

Villagers in Houba Village, Shuanglin Town, pruning branches and leaves at the "Jiuchang Pastoral Complex" Photo by Zhu Hongtao

  Activate the "commonly rich cells" to take the "Village Tour Rich Farmers" shuttle bus

  The green level spreads between the villages, and the white clouds fly over the blue sky.

Walking into Xitang Village, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, pictures of beautiful countryside are slowly unfolding in front of you.

Located at the junction of Huzhou and Jiaxing, how can a small village find its own road to prosperity?

And how does it become a model of beautiful villages that are beautiful and rich, and show the golden business cards of countries, provinces, cities and districts?

  Ask him how clear he is?

For there is a source of living water.

  "We must protect our village as if we were protecting our own eyes."

Perhaps the answer can be drawn from the "common language" of every villager in Xitang Village.

In Xitang Village, through both environmental improvement and rural tourism, a large-scale leisure agricultural complex of picking chrysanthemums and Dongli has been built, which integrates leisure sightseeing, high-end homestays, parent-child study tours, and wooden RV camps.

  On one side is the clear stream in Xitang Port, and on the other side are beautiful homestays lined up in a row. Today, Xitang Village is full of tourists and has become an "Internet celebrity village".

The butterfly change of the village is a vivid portrayal of Nanxun's efforts to realize the "common wealth cells" and explore the construction of green samples of common prosperity.

  String the dots into a line, connect the lines into a piece.

With the success of rural tourism, villagers have realized employment at home and made money at home.

  "Working at the door of my house, my salary is more than 7,000 yuan a month, and there will be dividends at the end of the year. Our village is on fire, and my pockets are getting more and more 'bulky'." Early in the morning, Zhou Shuiqing, a villager in Houba Village, Shuanglin Town, was in " Jiuchang Pastoral Complex" is busy pruning branches, fertilizing and removing insects, enjoying themselves.



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