(Walking to the grassroots level in the Spring Festival) Shanxi "post-90s" hometown start a business to find the "new year flavor" in memory

  China News Service, Changzhi, January 28th: ​​"Post-90s" hometown entrepreneurs in Shanxi look for "New Year's flavor" in memory

  Author Wu Qiong Li Yan

  The Spring Festival is approaching. At Li Jun's home in Nanchui Village, Laodingshan Street, Luzhou District, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, a busy dumpling maker, neatly arranged production raw materials and tools, cooked beans, and steamed buns just out of the pot. The steaming, golden dumplings, with a strong New Year's flavor blowing from the face.

  Entering the twelfth lunar month, every household is busy stocking up traditional Spring Festival delicacies.

Dumpling is a special food in the southeast of Shanxi, which means "reunion and prosperity".

When the Spring Festival comes, every family starts to work hard, and the steamed dumplings are golden in color, sweet in taste and rich in hometown flavor.

  Steamed dumplings are no strangers to 31-year-old Li Jun.

Li Jun told reporters, "When I was a child, my grandparents made dumplings as soon as winter came. Later, when they were older, I wanted to eat dumplings. I bought dumplings outside, but it didn't feel like it used to be." It has been three years since the establishment of Liji Traditional Food Workshop.

When the Spring Festival comes, every family starts to work hard, and the steamed dumplings are golden in color, sweet in taste and rich in hometown flavor.

Photo by Yang Hui

  In the early days of his business, because he did not understand the practice of traditional dumplings and other delicacies, he took a lot of detours when he was young.

"At the beginning, I didn't understand many issues, such as how much water should be used to knead the noodles, the fermentation of the noodles and the degree of alkali addition, and how well the beans need to be boiled." Li Jun said, he Then I asked the old people around me and learned slowly. After many times of practice, these problems were solved one by one.

  Making dumplings includes stuffing, dough making, wrapping, steaming, drying, etc. The noodles are made of millet and cornmeal, and the dough is mixed with red beans and white sugar. The steamed dumplings are golden, sweet but not greasy.

Based on traditional practices, he also made improvements, and newly developed black rice dumplings, which combined black rice and Jiangmi in a certain proportion. The black rice has a stronger fragrance and a sweeter and softer taste.

The dumplings that have just come out of the pot are also quite particular about their taste.

Li Jun introduced, "You can't take a big mouth in a hurry, you need to sip it carefully and swallow it slowly, otherwise it will easily stick to your teeth or burn your teeth."

  Small dumplings make a good day.

From the initial return to the hometown to start a business, now there are more than 10 food processing workers with clear division of labor, such as stuffing, mixing noodles, and dumplings. The daily sales of dumplings are more than 4,000, and the sales range of dumplings is also expanding. Small dumplings welcome big market.