Go to the crowded gold store counter to buy transfer beads, follow Internet celebrity bloggers to save gold beans, and rush into the live broadcast room in the middle of the night to kill gold in seconds... The Spring Festival is approaching, and many young people have poured into the Beijing gold jewelry consumer market.

They pursue unique and novel products, squat in major live broadcast rooms to find the lowest price, set up special groups to exchange strategies, and know how to exchange gold.

Compared with the former main force of gold consumption "Chinese Aunt", young people's game of gold buying competition is very different.

  Buy gold preferences

  It is better not to repeat the same design if it is to be "funny"

  A pair of red lanterns hang high at the main entrance, and the plaque at the front of the door is replaced with "Congratulations to the New Year" in yellow characters on a red background. The Caishikou Department Store, known as the "Golden No. 1 in Beijing", has entered the hottest sales season of the year.

  "I didn't expect so many young people." On the first floor, Ms. Zhang managed to squeeze in front of the gold pendant counter.

Because there were too many people, she could only ask the salesman about a tiger pendant she liked.

  The reporter looked around the store on the first floor and found that there were hundreds of customers in the crowd.

Among them, ancient gold and enamel-colored gold with novel craftsmanship were crowded with customers in front of the counter, and more than half of them were young people in their 20s and 30s.

On the contrary, pendant counters and boutique listing counters with relatively traditional workmanship are rarely used by young people.

  "This year, we have put enamel colored gold transfer beads on 70% of the land." On the fourth floor of Caibai, there is a transfer bead counter nearly ten meters long, and the salesperson pouted at the crowded heads, "Hey, young man Just love this, all come to ask 'colorful'.

  In order to meet the needs of young people, gold brands have begun to "play tricks" in craftsmanship, design, and color, and have played "new tricks" such as enamel, ancient gold, 5G gold, and 3D hard gold.

"The broken gold bracelet is more lively and delicate, suitable for my age." The 25-year-old Ms. Xiaoye told reporters that she likes DIY gold jewelry, and she matches it according to her personal preferences, and will not be the same as others.

  The reporter interviewed 6 gold stores in Chongwenmen New World Department Store. Here, ancient gold, enamel gold, 5G gold, 3D hard gold and other new craft gold firmly occupy the core position of the store counter.

"3D hard gold has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the ancient gold has a matte texture. Although these golds are more expensive, they are more chic and novel, and young people are more likely to pay for it." A salesman of Luk Fook Jewellery said.

  "Gold" strategy

  Save money on milk tea and replace it with golden beans









  The main force of gold consumption in China is developing in a younger direction.

According to the "2021 China Gold Jewellery Retail Terminal Trend Insights" report, one-third of the retailers surveyed said that in 2021, consumers aged 25 and under will spend more on gold jewellery in their stores than in 2019.

The China Gold Association also believes that in the future, young consumers will carry the banner of gold jewelry consumption.

According to the survey, 13% of young women buy expensive jewelry for comfort or impulse, 14% to make themselves happy, and 45% to celebrate an important anniversary.

  Years ago, the main force in the gold jewelry consumer market was still "Chinese Aunt".

Now, why are young people also keen to buy gold?

The initiative of many gold brands to attack young people is an important promoter of this "buying gold fever".

Celebrity same style, Disney authorized IP, Forbidden City co-branded, King of Glory co-branded, Harry Potter co-branded... Whether it is Caibai, China Gold, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, they are all trying their best to capture young people with sub-brands or new series. heart, to meet their demand for personalized gold products.

  "You don't know the fragrance of gold when you are young, but buying gold is crazy now." On the consumer side, the reporter found that preservation of value and hard currency are the most direct reasons given by young people to buy gold.

"2,000 yuan can buy a gold pendant or an imitation crystal necklace. But after a few years, the gold pendant can be sold or replaced, and the imitation crystal necklace can only eat ashes." Ms. Xu told reporters.

  As a result, there are more and more young people in the trade-in activities of offline stores.

The market value of gold is relatively fair. In order to increase the repurchase rate of customers, major old gold stores provide trade-in services all year round.

Consumers can use old gold jewelry to exchange for new gold jewelry in stores according to a certain depreciation or processing formula.

  When they want to exchange, young people pinpoint the activity time of major gold brand stores, waiting for 1:1 exchange of old gold without depreciation fee.

"Going to the door at this time, the cheap gold that was previously hoarded at a low price can be exchanged for the store at the gold price of the day. At most, a manual fee can be added, which can easily be replaced by a fashionable new product of the season." Ms. Tang, who often buys gold, said.

  During the visit to Caibaishi, the reporter also noticed that many young people exchanged old gold for new models. They took out their mobile phone calculators in front of the counter and carefully calculated how to exchange gold for the most cost-effective.

  "As long as it is full gold, many places charge it, but the transaction procedures are different. The processing fee for each gram of vegetables is 18 yuan. In some places, the processing fee is not charged but the weight needs to be increased by at least 30%." What is the most suitable, no Few people know it well.

  Buying Tips

  Beware of "buy it out" gold hidden tricks

  Preservation of value is certainly a feature of gold, but this does not mean that buying gold is guaranteed to make a profit.

When the reporter visited the gold store, he found that in the store, many beautifully crafted and low-gram jewelry are mostly priced in the form of "buy it out". Or shout "too pit" when realizing it.

Taking a gold shop in Guorui City as an example, the reporter noticed that a 3D hard gold New Year's lion transfer bead has a "one-off price" of 1,700 yuan, but it is only 1.5 grams. If calculated by multiplying the gold price on the day by the gram weight, it is only worth 727.5 yuan.

  "Unless you like the style very much, I don't recommend that you buy or exchange 'Buy It Now' gold." Ms. Xu said that many gold shop clerks especially like to recommend consumers to replace it with "Buy It Now" gold jewelry when they trade in old ones.

For example, the clerk will recommend to exchange 20 grams of old gold bracelets for a hard gold bracelet with a "buy it out" price of 10,000 yuan. When selling, the clerk will emphasize that the hard gold bracelet is good, but it will not tell the consumer the specific gram weight. The reason is that "Buy it now" gold does not weigh.

"When you used the old gold bracelet for 9,000 yuan, and then made up another 1,000 yuan for a new bracelet, when you went home and weighed it, you found that the new bracelet was only 15 grams. Do you think it's a loss?"

  Buying "good" gold online also requires scrutiny.

"It is recommended that you go to a re-inspection agency after purchasing. Many merchants sell gold jewelry at a price of a few hundred yuan each. They look at the size of the jewelry, but when they get it back, they realize that it is a thin gold shell, which is deformed when touched. There are also friends who bought it and found that the gold was not pure enough." Xiaoyun said that many friends around have had the experience of buying Shenzhen Shuibei gold in the live broadcast room.

  Relevant experts suggest that when consumers buy gold jewelry, they should try to buy gold jewelry in formal and legal large-scale shopping malls or specialty stores, pay attention to the imprint of jewelry, be sure to ask about the weight and exchange details, and ask for and keep jewelry appraisal certificates and invoices. Wait for bills.

At the same time, the price of gold jewelry will also fluctuate with the international gold price, and there are certain market risks. It is recommended that consumers who are still inexperienced should not blindly shoot, and be careful to be "locked up".

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