Text/Photo Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Wen Ouyang Zhiqiang Liang Zhengjie

  The Spring Festival is approaching, and people's demand for annual flowers is rising.

As an important producing area of ​​phalaenopsis, oranges and peach trees in South China and even in the whole country, the flower market in Foshan can largely reflect the situation of the annual flower market in the whole country and even in Vietnam and other countries.

Recently, the reporter visited several flower production bases in Foshan and found that the sales situation of annual flowers is very good.

Among them, the 16 million Phalaenopsis plants in the South China Sea Lishui were sold out around the 22nd, and the sales of Shunde Chencun's annual oranges also exceeded 80%.

  Shunde Chencun: The annual output of oranges is flat and the sales are optimistic

  Chencun is the largest annual orange planting base in the country. The town's annual orange planting area is 7,000 mu, with more than 6,000 growers and an annual output value of about 300 million yuan.

Nearly 80% of the country's annual oranges are produced in Chencun.

According to reports, the annual output of oranges in Chencun Town this year is about 3.5 million pots, which is the same as the output of oranges in recent years.

The main varieties of annual oranges sold are Siji orange, cinnabar orange, kumquat, Jindan, and the main sales specifications are 8-inch and 12-inch four-season oranges.

Up to now, the total sales and booking rate of oranges in Chencun Town has exceeded 80%, and the overall sales situation is relatively optimistic.

  He Yongjian, the first secretary of the Party Committee of Xianyong Village, Chencun Town, introduced that this year the oranges are growing gratifyingly.

In addition, the government of Chencun Township has made arrangements in advance, and vigorously promoted it through measures such as flower fairs on the cloud, online shopping malls, distribution of coupons and consumer coupons, and opening up logistics channels, which greatly assisted the sales of nianju.

  Water in the South China Sea: Phalaenopsis prices increase by 4-5 yuan

  "From 2019 to 2021, the annual output of our Phalaenopsis has increased by about 20% every year. The 16 million Phalaenopsis we prepared for this year's Spring Festival have already sold 60% in just two weeks, and will be basically sold around the 22nd. Running out." Jin Hongyong, general manager of Guangdong Wanqingyang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., introduced.

  Wanqing Horticultural World, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, operated by Guangdong Wanqingyang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., is the largest production and sales base of Phalaenopsis in South China.

The reporter recently visited and found that as the Chinese New Year is approaching, many surrounding citizens drove to Lishui Wanqing Gardening World to buy Phalaenopsis.

Workers are busy sorting, moving pots and pruning branches.

In the phalaenopsis production workshop, more than ten varieties of phalaenopsis have different shapes and blooms.

Many Phalaenopsis branches still have the words "sold" hanging on them, and they are about to be sent out.

The reporter learned that the shipping price of Phalaenopsis this year is mainly 25-35 yuan per plant, which is 4-5 yuan higher than the Spring Festival in 2021.



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