(Reporter Wang Fangyuan) On January 27, the Office of the Leading Group for Combating Illegal Fund-raising in Beijing ("Beijing Anti-Illegal Fundraising Office") issued a "Letter to All Citizens", calling on the general public to keep their eyes open before investing and financial management. , enhance the awareness of risk prevention and identification ability, reject the temptation of high profits, and stay away from illegal fund-raising.

  Recognize the "four steps" of illegal fund-raising activities

  Step 1: Draw the cake.

Illegal fundraisers will weave one or more projects that are as "big" as possible.

Under the guise of "new technology", "new revolution", "new policy", "blockchain", "virtual currency", etc., draw a blueprint with expected high rewards, "hang" the appetite of fund-raising participants, and make them generate "" The illusion of not to be missed” and “not to be missed”.

Illegal fundraisers generally draw the "pie" as large as possible to attract the attention of participants as much as possible.

  Step 2: Build momentum.

Use all resources to make it bigger.

Illegal fundraisers usually hold various campaign activities, such as press conferences, product promotion meetings, on-site observation meetings, experience day activities, knowledge lectures, etc.; organize group tours, inspections, etc., and give rice noodles, oil, telephone bills and other small gifts; a large number of exhibitions Various real or fake "technical certifications", "certificates of awards", and "government approvals"; announcements of some leaders' inspections of film and television materials, company leaders taking photos with government officials and celebrities; deliberately selecting the event to be held in the government conference center and auditorium, and the scene The size and specifications are deceptive.

  Step 3: Get money.

Find ways to get money.

Through rebates and dividends, illegal fundraisers give participants a first taste of "sweetness", making them believe that putting money with him will not only generate considerable income, but also be safer than putting it in their own pockets. Participants not only pour their own money They also mobilized their relatives and friends to join, and the amount of funds raised became larger and larger.

  Part 4: Running away.

Illegal fund-raisers often run away after a period of "sucking money", or because they were originally "Ponzi schemes", or because the capital chain was broken due to poor management.

Fundraising participants suffered heavy economic losses, and even lost everything.

 To prevent illegal fundraising, we must "think twice and wait overnight"

  Four look.

When looking at the legality of financing, in addition to whether it has obtained an enterprise business license, it also depends on whether it has obtained a relevant financial license or has been approved by the financial management department.

Second, look at the propaganda content, and see if the propaganda contains or implies "guaranteed, risk-free, high-yield, steady profit without loss" and so on.

Third, look at the business model, whether there are physical projects, the authenticity of the project, where the funds are invested, and the way to obtain profits.

Fourthly, see whether the main body participating in fundraising is mainly for the elderly and other specific groups.

  Think twice.

Think about whether you really understand the product and market conditions.

Second, consider whether the product conforms to market laws.

Think twice about whether your own economic strength has the ability to resist risks.

  Wait overnight.

When encountering relevant investment and fundraising propaganda, you must avoid overheating, seek the opinions of family and friends first, and delay for one night before making a decision.

Don't blindly believe in propaganda, introductions from acquaintances, and recommendations from experts, and don't be tempted by high profits to invest blindly.