As raw material prices and distribution costs are rising, major paper makers have decided to raise the prices of household paper products such as tissue paper one after another.

Daio Paper, the domestic leader in the field of household products, has decided to raise the price of many household products by more than 15% from the shipment on March 22nd.

In addition, the price of Nippon Paper Crecia, a major company, will be increased by more than 10% from the shipment on April 1.

All of them are for tissue paper, toilet paper, kitchen paper, etc.

It also includes moisturizing tissue paper, which increases sales during the hay fever season, and paper towels, which are in increasing demand due to corona scabs, in place of hand dryers installed in toilets.

The reasons for this are that the prices of pulp, which is the raw material for paper, and fuel prices are soaring, and that the spread of the new coronavirus infection has led to a global shortage of containers and the continued rise in logistics costs. It explains that it is to secure the investment cost for decarbonization.

Both companies will raise prices for the first time in about three years since 2019, and may spread to other manufacturers.

At a press conference on the 20th of this month of the Japan Paper Association, Chairman Toru Nozawa said, "Since the beginning of the year, raw material prices have risen further, and we are worried that the normalization of logistics will take a lot of time. Is opaque. "