The subsidiary required for certification of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has been registered. The gas transport company Gas for Europe GmbH is based in Schwerin, the company announced on Wednesday. Although the Baltic Sea gas pipeline from Russia to Germany has already been completed, it has not yet gone into operation. A certification by the Federal Network Agency is still pending. The authority initially stopped the process in November. At the time, she pointed out that the transport network operator had to be a company under German law.

"The certification process will remain suspended until the transfer of the main assets and human resources to the subsidiary has been completed and the Federal Network Agency will be able to check the subsidiary's documents for completeness," the authority said.

"We cannot currently predict when the procedure can be resumed."

Chancellor Olaf Scholz had not ruled out last week that sanctions against Nord Stream 2 would also be imposed in the event of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

However, the head of the Ukrainian pipeline operator warned that Nord Stream 2 will not deliver additional gas to Europe as originally planned, but will replace the Ukrainian route.

There are currently serious tensions between Russia and Ukraine.