The application of new technologies and new models is accelerated, and the emergence of new services and new formats is accelerating——

Bring back the popularity of brick-and-mortar stores

  Our reporter Wang Ke, Song Haoxin, and Xiao Jiaxin

  Recently, children participated in the intangible cultural heritage interactive experience exhibition at Intime Department Store Hangzhou West Lake Cultural Plaza.

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  Physical stores are an important carrier of commodity circulation.

Many brick-and-mortar stores have adapted to the new changes in consumer demand, and have enhanced the adaptability and flexibility of supply structures such as goods, services, and business formats to changes in demand, and their popularity has risen again.

  It is necessary to accelerate the application of more new technologies, cultivate and form more new formats and new models

  Innovation driven——

  Brick-and-mortar stores have a new look

  Entering the twelfth lunar month, the number of customers in Intime Department Store Hangzhou West Lake Cultural Plaza store has increased, which is more lively than usual.

  "Compared with the previous shopping malls, this shopping mall is more interesting." When Zhang Yi, a post-90s citizen, brought her children to the shopping mall to buy things, she participated in the hand-painted experience activities of intangible cultural heritage organized by the shopping mall, and learned about the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage up close. Culture, feel the charm of traditional culture.

  After buying things, Zhang Yi does not need to take home the large and small bags, but can directly choose the express service, which can be delivered to the home within 24 hours.

  In the consumer market, physical retail is an important foundation for commodity circulation, an important carrier for guiding production and expanding consumption, and an important channel for prospering the market and ensuring employment.

Today, many brick-and-mortar stores have adapted to the new changes in consumer demand, enhanced the adaptability and flexibility of the supply structure of goods, services, and business formats to changes in demand, achieved a "gorgeous turnaround", and regained popularity.

  Commercial complexes with rich formats are welcomed——

  "Even if you don't spend shopping, it's a pleasure to walk around and play." In the Chengdu International Financial Center (IFS) mall in Sichuan, consumers can enjoy a diversified shopping experience.

All floors of the mall are distributed with business forms related to catering, leisure, entertainment, fitness, from bookstores, piano shops, tea houses, flower shops, to beauty salons and fitness centers, covering almost every aspect of life.

The global food court in the sky garden on the top floor of the shopping mall has a very beautiful environment, attracting many consumers who love food.

  The transformed and upgraded traditional shopping malls are rejuvenated with new vitality——

  In the Quanzhou Plaza store of Ginza Shopping Plaza in Jinan, Shandong, the reopened supermarket was bustling with customers.

During the refurbishment and upgrade, the supermarket made adjustments in terms of commodity structure and consumer demand.

Among them, livestock and aquatic products mainly focus on the theme of freshness and health. By clearly showing the processing process to customers, it creates "color, aroma, taste and shape" fireworks.

In addition, the number of self-purchased and directly-operated imported products in supermarkets increased by more than 1,000.

"These products have distinctive features and sell well," said the relevant person in charge of the supermarket.

  New shopping malls embracing trendy technology attract attention——

  "The naked-eye 3D screen specially designed to bring children to experience the mall feels like being in a sci-fi world." JD Mall, a shopping mall built by offline, is full of trendy and technological elements from the overall design to the interactive experience, and has become an internet celebrity punch card land.

A giant naked-eye 3D screen is built on the outer wall of the shopping mall, and the realistic 3D effect makes you feel that the pictures inside the screen are within reach.

The store is equipped with holographic projection, VR equipment, intelligent robots, virtual live broadcast rooms, circuit transparent computer rooms and other technological devices and facilities, which are refreshing.

  "Innovation is the direct driving force for the transformation of brick-and-mortar retail." Zhao Ping, vice president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that in recent years, the scale of brick-and-mortar retail in my country has continued to expand, and business formats have continued to innovate. New business formats and new models not only further improve circulation efficiency and service levels, but also provide consumers with more new supplies and win the favor of more consumers.

  Diverse services——

  Make shopping a way of life

  "I don't like to stay at home. I go to the mall with my friends every weekend." Li Li, a citizen who queued up with friends to buy tickets in front of the cinema in Jinan Ginza Shopping Plaza Quanzhou Plaza store, said that shopping in malls is no longer enough. Then it is simply for shopping, and it has become a way of leisure to invite friends to watch movies, drink coffee, and visit bookstores.

  "Compared with online shopping, shopping malls have their own advantages. As long as the products provided are good and the services provided are good, customers will naturally come." In the opinion of the person in charge of the Ginza shopping mall, in response to the constantly escalating needs of consumers, it is necessary to Only by releasing more space for young people to meet their diverse needs such as drinking coffee and meeting friends, brick-and-mortar stores are truly attractive.

  Making shopping a way of life has become a magic weapon for many physical stores to increase customer stickiness.

Focusing on improving consumers' shopping experience, brick-and-mortar stores have made great efforts, and a number of shopping places that are easy to buy, easy to browse, and fun have emerged.

  "I used to buy clothes in the mall, and I was always worried about the matching of the clothes. I felt much more relaxed with the help of a coordinator." Zhang Wei, a citizen who came to shop at the Hangzhou Wulin Store of Intime Department Store, said.

Under the advice of the store's clothing coordinator, she quickly purchased two new sets of clothes.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the shopping mall, in response to the needs of some consumers, the shopping mall launched the coordinator service two years ago, which has been well received by customers.

Through the development of its own curriculum system, the shopping mall has released the professional ability of shopping guides, and at the same time, combined with the ability of new retail, users can not only conduct matching consultation online, but also realize a new experience of online appointment and offline matching services.

  The new services not only better meet the needs of consumers, but also bring new growth points to the shopping mall.

In Intime Department Store, the service of coordinators has improved the linkage rate of brand sales. According to statistics, by introducing excellent coordinators, the linkage rate and unit price of counters can be doubled.

  "For an electronic product fan, it's really happy to be able to experience the just-launched new product for the first time." In JD Mall, Li Wei, a consumer who came to experience the just-launched game console, said.

In order to make shopping in the mall more interesting, JD Mall has set up 11 major themed scene experience areas and 29 major product interactive experience areas, including beauty salon, audio experience, drone experience, massage health care and other areas, allowing consumers to experience a variety of Optimize the scene space and interact with the products in the store more intuitively.

  "The demand for shopping has not only not decreased, but has also increased." Zhao Ping said that some consumers prefer to shop online at home, but some consumers prefer to go shopping while shopping.

With the diversification and personalization of consumer demand, offline shopping can meet the social needs of shopping, entertainment, leisure, eating, and travel, as well as the immediate needs of consumers to purchase, own and use products face-to-face.

Focusing on this demand, shopping malls can create new advantages that are different from online.

  Business integration——

  Small shops can also be more fashionable

  Fashionable neighborhoods, dazzling small shops, convenient fresh food supermarkets, and multi-functional gymnasiums... In Sanhe Meilinfang, a convenient comprehensive service center in Sanhenanli Community, Xingfeng Street, Daxing District, Beijing, come for shopping and leisure. An endless stream of consumers.

  "The current appearance has changed a lot compared to the past." Aunt Zhang, a community resident, brings her little grandson to play every day. She gave a thumbs up when talking about the newly renovated fresh food supermarket, community cafeteria and coffee bookstore .