Since star designer Peter Schreyer (the first Audi TT, VW New Beetle among others) took over as head of Kia design, then of Kia itself, the Korean brand has positioned itself in the field of design.

Generation after generation, the models have indeed gained an increasingly attractive look in European eyes.

With this new Sportage, we can say that a new milestone has been set.

Because for us, this is a tour de force.

It marks the retina, it emerges from the automotive landscape, but without tipping towards the indigestible or the "too much".

Judging by the reactions of those we met, the originality of the Sportage hits the mark.

The interior of the new Sportage doesn't go so far in creativity, but it's not trivial either. In particular in the versions which can accommodate the two 12'' screens (one in front of the driver, one in the centre) positioned side by side as if to give an ultra-wide display panel. Between that and the few nicely designed details, such as the ventilation openings, the atmosphere is modern and qualitative. On the technological level, the new Sportage sets the bar high, because the equipment, standard or optional, is very rich. The connected multimedia system is super complete, and we can mention new things in the segment, such as the matrix LED headlights (capable of masking the luminous flux of the high beams so as not to dazzle other users) or the function allowing you to park the vehicle… remotely.It flies high!

For everyone

While remaining compact (barely 3 cm more than its predecessor), the new Sportage progresses in habitability.

At the rear, tall adults won't have their knees in the front backrest – even if the driver is also a tall adult – and the trunk is progressing noticeably, with a minimum volume of 540 liters for the Plug-in versions, and 591 liters for the classic versions.

Because it is the other strength of the Kia: it does not overlook any engine.

150 hp petrol, 130 hp diesel (both being associated with a 48V micro-hybridization which occasionally brings an additional 30 hp), 230 hp classic hybrid and even 265 hp plug-in hybrid (some 50 km of electric range), we will find what 'we search.

On the road, the new Kia Sportage demonstrates a… Germanic rigor.

The suspensions are quite firm, which provides a very reassuring behavior.

And we feel that this is what he is looking for above all, because it must also be said that when it comes to flavor, you are left unsatisfied if you are an enthusiastic driver.

As for the micro-hybrid gasoline engine tested, it was satisfied with an average of 7.5 l/100 km.

Honorable, but not sure that the micro-hybridization is a real better compared to a classic engine, a little cheaper, unfortunately not offered in France.

The new Kia Sportage starts at €29,990.


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The Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GDi MHEV in a few figures

  • Engine: 4 cyl., petrol, micro-hybrid, 1,598 cc;

    150 (+30) hp - 250 (+15) Nm

  • Transmission: to the front wheels.

  • Gearbox: 7-speed dual-clutch auto.

  • L/W/H (mm): 4.515/1.865/1.645

  • Empty weight (kg): 1.505

  • Trunk volume (l): 562 – 1,751

  • Tank (l): 52

  • 0-100 km/h (sec.): 9.6

  • Max speed (km/h): 189

  • Cons.

    mixed (l/100 km): 6.3

  • CO2 (g/km): 143

  • Price (€): 29,990

  • SUV

  • Automotive

  • Car

  • Hybrid cars

  • Kia

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