Investors don't have nerves of steel either.

Inflation, Omicron, Ukraine, this triad of news was too much for investors on the stock exchange at the beginning of the week.

Uncertainty prompted sell orders around the world and markets collapsed.

Why this led to this sweeping ending on Monday of all days is one of the secrets of the markets - there is no rational justification for it.

Some investors may have used the horror of the hour to finally realize and take the hefty profits of the past months, if not years.

This has amplified the losses in the markets.

Anyone who has been asking the anxious question for months whether the tech shares of Apple, Amazon and Co in particular are overvalued and whether an entry is still worthwhile now has one less worry.

Course corrections are always introductory courses.

Investors took advantage of this on the following day.

The Dax recovered and spent the day in positive territory.

But it's also true that growth stocks struggle in times of inflation.

So-called value stocks with a rather unglamorous business model, sometimes even decried as boring, are suddenly back in fashion.

Share price pullbacks are part of the business.

At the moment, however, there is simply no higher-yielding alternative to stocks.

The order can only be: Buy!