Zoo-related hotels are conducive to attracting consumers to stay in hotels through business innovation.

Although from the design of the "Tiger View Room", the safety of tourists may be guaranteed, but the approval of the relevant departments should be cautious, and the hotel "Tiger View Room" should be suspended.

  Recently, a zoo-related hotel in a certain place launched the "Tiger View Room", which caused heated discussions.

According to reports, according to the setting of the room, the tenant and the tiger are separated by a transparent glass and can sleep with the tiger through the window.

At present, the "Tiger View Room" is being renovated and has not yet been opened. Some staff members said that there are good protective measures in the room.

  With the upgrading of consumption structure, zoos are associated with hotels, attracting consumers to stay with business innovation, and can have close contact with animals in zoos. Such hotels may become the first choice for parent-child travel.

However, closeness to animals, especially wild animals, should be kept within a certain limit.

Some people in popular science said that some of the actions of some animals seem cute and cute to humans, but they are actually stressful and defensive behaviors, not "playing cute".

If some small animals enter the hotel room, it may be a threat to the safety of tourists, tourists may be bitten or infected with pathogens that may be carried by wild animals.

  As far as this "tiger view room" is concerned, many people said that they would not choose to stay.

Even if someone wants to sleep with the tiger through the window, the tiger may not want to see the person through the window.

Watching tigers through the window feels fresh and exciting, and tigers will also be stimulated.

"Do not disturb" is the basic principle of coexistence of all things.

"Tiger View House" is a violation of animal rights to some extent.

  Caring for animal rights is a manifestation of social civilization and progress.

Respecting animals and being kind to animals means being respectful and kind to ourselves.

Although from the design of the "Tiger View Room", the safety of tourists may be guaranteed, but from the perspective of caring for animal rights, this move only treats them as a tool to make money.

In the context of increasingly perfect animal protection laws and regulations and increasing public awareness of protection, relevant departments should also be cautious in examination and approval, and the hotel "Tiger View Room" should be suspended.

(Fu Biao)