The price of road fuels has no (un-)lead in the wing in France (do you have it?) And continues its mad flight towards the heights, again crossing record levels last week, according to figures official released on Monday.

Diesel reached an average of 1.6540 euros per liter, or 3.26 cents more than the previous week, according to weekly figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition stopped on Friday.

The liter of super SP95 was at 1.7249 euros and the SP98 at 1.7854 euros, or +1.80 cents in both cases.

Barrel at the top

Same trend for all the other fuels: 1.6992 per liter of super SP95-E10 (+1.71 cents) and the same slight increase for Superethanol E85, to 0.7518 euro (+0.16 cents).

Prices at the pump follow the price of a barrel of oil, which have reached peaks in recent months with the global economic recovery, in a market still worried about limited supply.


Fuel prices: “Nah but look at that!

“, the pump stroke is tough for motorists


Fuel: Why soaring prices are here to stay

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