Maud Descamps 9:45 a.m., January 24, 2022

A pioneer in the online banking sector, the Dutch ING Direct has decided to stop its activities in France.

Customers have two choices: become a customer of the operator who will take over ING's activities or else become a customer of another bank.

But the terms of account transfers are still unclear.

It was the first player to have invested in the online banking market.

ING Direct has decided to cease its activities in France.

After 20 years of presence, the Dutch leaves a million customers in the expectation. 


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The Dutch bank's customers will have two choices: become a customer of the new operator, which will take over two banks from ING.

Crédit Mutuel and Société Générale are in the running.

Or transfer their money to a new bank of their choice, but for the moment, no information on the transfer methods has been communicated to ING customers.

Contacted by Europe 1, the bank only indicates that "discussions being in progress with other financial institutions, we cannot give more details at this stage".

ING maintains an artistic vagueness around the closure of accounts

The vagueness maintained by ING Direct is far from satisfying Michel Guyot, the president of the association France conso bank.

"What they are criticized for is not having communicated enough about how it would be done, for having left open the question of the cost of account transfers, for trying to get rid of small accounts and that seems to us to seriously contravene the fact that the bank is perceived by fellow citizens as being a public service", he explained at the microphone of Europe 1.


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The bank, however, clarified that securities accounts and stock savings plans could be transferred free of charge.

ING will only keep its branch in France for large companies.