China News Service, Lanzhou, January 24 (Zhang Jing) On the 24th, the Gansu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment held a press conference to disclose that in the past year, the province has continuously improved the construction of the ecological environment damage compensation system, carried out compensation case practice, and strengthened case guidance , in order to strengthen ecological restoration.

  Ma Li, Director of the Regulations and Standards Division of the Gansu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, said that Gansu actively negotiated with the Provincial Eco-Environmental Science Design and Research Institute to formulate the Work Plan for Clue Screening and Case Practice Investigation of Compensation Cases for Ecological Environmental Damage, and organized a team of experts and lawyers to 6 cities and prefectures have carried out the practice of ecological environment damage compensation cases through data review, on-site surveys, and discussions and exchanges, focusing on helping localities to solve problems such as difficulty in identifying and verifying clues for ecological environment damage compensation cases, and inconsistent standards.

In mid-July 2020, the restored Heihe River in Ganzhou District, Zhangye City, Gansu Province had a good ecological environment and formed a natural oxygen bar.

(Data map) Photo by Yang Yanmin

  At the same time, for the compensation work for the same type of ecological environment damage, the demonstration role of the already practiced cases shall be brought into play, so as to promote the formation of case practice in various places as soon as possible.

Among them, three companies in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture's mineral development ecological environment damage compensation cases were selected as the second batch of typical cases of ecological environment damage compensation negotiation, and were commended by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

  Ma Li said that Gansu implements a list-based management of the clues of ecological environment damage compensation cases, and takes the initiative to point out problems from feedback from central and provincial-level ecological and environmental protection inspectors. The damage compensation clues have been formed into the "List of Ecological Environment Damage Compensation Cases in Gansu Province (Second Batch)", and relevant provincial departments and cities and prefectures have been printed and distributed to give key guidance and supervision to the cases included in the list.

  It is reported that in 2021, Gansu Province will forward a total of 57 clues of compensation cases, organize the verification of ecological and environmental damage one by one, report progress through the "Eco-environmental Damage Compensation Reform Progress Reporting System", conduct provincial-level online audits, and urge compliance with the conditions for starting compensation. to start the claim work in a timely manner.

Combined with provincial-level clues and daily ecological environment administrative law enforcement work, cities and states have mapped out 157 new clues.

  The meeting also reported on the development of river basin ecological compensation in Gansu Province in 2021, and promoted the pilot project of horizontal ecological compensation in the Heihe Shiyang River Basin in an orderly manner.

Focusing on consolidating and improving the quality of the water ecological environment, both pollution reduction and ecological expansion have been combined to promote comprehensive management of river basins such as the Heihe Shiyang River, and implement the construction of beautiful rivers and lakes. The ecological environment of the basin has been significantly improved.

  Yuan Yi, director of the Financial Audit Department of the Gansu Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, said that through the river basin compensation pilot project, the water quality of the state-controlled sections of the northwest river basins will reach Class II in 2021. The main pollutants in the section have decreased compared with the previous year, achieving the goal of continuous stability and improvement of water quality.

Shiyang River was shortlisted in the national recommended list of outstanding cases of beautiful rivers and lakes, providing important experience and model reference for the province to accelerate the construction of beautiful and happy rivers and lakes.

In 2021, 16.5 million yuan will be awarded as bonus funds, and a cumulative total of 51.5 million yuan will be awarded.