Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, January 22 (Reporter Liu Chunyan) The mutant new coronavirus Omicron strain has spread rapidly in Japan.

Several factories in Japan have recently been forced to temporarily suspend production due to employees contracting the new coronavirus or becoming close contacts of confirmed cases, and supply of parts has been blocked.

  Toyota Motor Corporation said a few days ago that it has decided to temporarily shut down 20 production lines at 11 factories because domestic suppliers in Japan cannot provide parts normally due to the impact of the epidemic.

In addition, Toyota also adjusted its production plan for the next month, and 11 production lines at 8 factories will temporarily suspend production in February.

  Daihatsu Industrial Co., Ltd. has also announced that employees of its Kyushu company factory, head office Osaka factory, and Shiga second factory have been diagnosed. In order to implement epidemic prevention measures, related factories have temporarily stopped operation.

In addition, Suzuki's Kosai Plant and Sagara Plant also experienced epidemics, and related plants temporarily suspended production on the 22nd.

  Honda Motor Company also issued an announcement stating that the supply chain disruption caused by the shortage of chips and the spread of the epidemic continued to affect the company's normal production.

The company's Saitama plant operating rate was about 90% in January, and the two production lines at the Suzuka plant in Mie Prefecture are expected to be operating at about 90% in early February.

  Recently, the spread of the epidemic in Japan has accelerated.

The Japanese government has stepped up the implementation of epidemic prevention measures such as the third vaccination of the vaccine, and tried to maintain the normal operation of economic and social life.

Experts said that although Japan has not strictly "closed the city", the increase in the number of infections and the tight supply side will still affect the economic recovery.