Our reporter Niu Jin

  2021 is a landmark year in the history of the party and the country.

To write a summary of this year for China, which has moved forward with courage, the annual economic "transcript" is a crucial footnote.

  The total economic volume reached 114.4 trillion yuan, exceeding 110 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.1% over the previous year at constant prices; the per capita GDP was 80,976 yuan, converted at the annual average exchange rate, exceeding 12,000 US dollars... The results were higher than the targets set at the beginning of the year and also exceeded the general expectations of various economic institutions.

  Today, when the global economy has climbed uphill, the "resilience" of China's economy has made the truth of "steadiness can lead to farther" more profound.

Starting from the appearance of the data, sorting out the logic of "higher than the set", and summarizing the reasons for "beyond expectations", the 2021 Chinese answer sheet also left a deep inspiration for the future.


  On the ship of the Chinese economy, each of us can personally feel the changes in "sea conditions" - in recent years, economic globalization has encountered adverse currents, and the repeated global epidemic has further exacerbated this trend. Unilateralism, protectionism, and hegemonism are rampant, and established powers have intensified their suppression and containment of emerging powers.

  Being in it, China in 2021 still has other challenges to face: some regions are hit by the epidemic and floods, supply chain problems such as lack of cores, lack of electricity, lack of cabinets, and lack of labor are prominent, and commodity prices are soaring...

  The dazzling results were obtained after experiencing such ups and downs, and the real meaning behind the data is even more valuable.

  What is the concept of breaking through 110 trillion yuan?

On the historical coordinates, we can clearly see the trajectory of China's continued economic growth——

  In 1952, in the early days of the founding of New China, the GDP was only 67.9 billion yuan; in 1978, when the door to reform and opening up was opened, the GDP was 367.9 billion yuan; in 2000, the GDP exceeded 10 trillion yuan; since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China In 2019, the total GDP exceeded the 70 trillion yuan, 80 trillion yuan and 90 trillion yuan in a row; in 2020, it exceeded one trillion yuan for the first time.

  From 101 trillion yuan to 114 trillion yuan, the economic increase in 2021 will be about 13 trillion yuan, equivalent to 2 trillion US dollars, which is equivalent to the annual economic aggregate of a relatively large major economy in the world. With the further improvement of my country's comprehensive national strength, social productivity, and people's living standards, it also means that my country's development has a stronger foundation, better conditions, and more motivation, and it also contributes China's strength to global development.

  China's macroeconomic governance must be viewed in combination with the long and the short at all times.

A series of major deployments introduced in the past year are all related to the implementation of the top-level design determined in the "14th Five-Year Plan"; the development achievements made in the past year have laid a solid foundation for the completion of each established goal.

Thanks to such a solid foundation, my country's long-term economic fundamentals will be better supported, and it will be easier to deal with various risks and challenges.

  Peaches and plums, the next from Seikei.

Evaluation and expectations from the outside are an important perspective to confirm the above judgment.

Bloomberg recently published an article pointing out that "China's venture capital investment in 2021 will reach US$130.6 billion, a new record for the country - about 50% higher than the US$86.7 billion in the previous year" "Investors' appetite for Chinese technology has not changed. "What changes is where they put their money. Obviously, more and more money is going to cutting edge technology."

Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group, said, "Most Western corporate executives plan to expand their business in China in the next 10 years. Where the market is, is where the company wants to be."

  China is moving forward, and many people see their own opportunities.


  "Things have joys and sorrows, and those who taste them know; Tao has dangers, and those who follow them know." At present, we need to analyze the logic behind the data and understand the "why" problem.

  "We must adhere to the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee", "We must insist on high-quality development", "We must insist on making progress while maintaining stability", and "We must strengthen overall planning and coordination". The answer is given, injecting a new era connotation into Marxist political economy.

  ——Rely on the "backbone" to stabilize the overall situation.

Starting a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way, the systemic features and requirements are more prominent, and there are still many major challenges and difficulties and obstacles.

  Our extraordinary achievements in turning crises into opportunities have never been achieved by chance or luck, but by the Chinese Communist Party, the cohesive backbone, and the compass that guides the direction of Xi Jinping's economic thought.

Under the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, all regions and all parties have moved forward in unison, overcoming many difficulties and stabilizing the overall macro situation.

  ——Promoting development aiming at "high quality".

The wisdom of development lies in being able to adapt to new situations and seize new opportunities.

To enhance comprehensive national strength, resolve major risks, and promote common prosperity all depend on development. Development under the new situation can no longer follow the old road of grand and extensive development, and must promote high-quality development.

Only by adhering to the focus on economic construction, and by introducing policies and implementing measures that are closely aimed at the "target" of high-quality development, can we promote the steady improvement in quality and reasonable growth of the economy.

  ——Maintain the "general tone" of economic operation.

Economic operation is a dynamic process. Adjusting policies and promoting reforms must be time-sensitive, insisting on establishing first and then breaking, and making steady progress.

Steady must be stable and determined, prevent impulsive recklessness and rush for success, must respect the law and build a solid foundation; progress must be orderly, opposed to passive coping, not thinking about progress, must maintain a good balance and promote work well.

In the process of "stabilizing" and "progressing", seize the opportunity to "seek innovation in the face of change" to ensure the successful completion of various reform and development tasks.

  ——The open-top sailboat needs to talk about "system theory".

The general connection in economic operation and the mutual connection between the interests of the masses determine that we must adhere to the system concept when looking at problems, making decisions, and implementing them.

The more China's economic ship rides the wind and waves, the more it needs to strengthen overall planning and coordination.

In the process of running one's own affairs well, it is necessary to avoid the superposition of local reasonable policies and cause negative effects; it is also necessary to prevent the fallacy of decomposition, and to avoid simplifying the overall task, and it is not possible to increase the number of layers, which will make the grassroots unbearable.

  If a boat follows the river, it swims at a fast speed, but if a person is on the way, it will not be lost.

In recent years, the Central Economic Work Conference will take summarizing the understanding of regularity as an important content.

It is also through accumulation and deepening that our party has better grasped the theoretical coordinates and practical paths, and has won one victory after another.


  Just entering 2022, Guangxi Automobile Group and Japan ASF Co., Ltd. have successfully signed an agreement on the commissioned development and mass production of miniature electric logistics vehicles.

This is an innovative cooperation achievement after the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) came into effect, and it is also a microcosm of China's sharing of new opportunities with the world.

  What year is 2022?

  "A year of coexistence of opportunities and challenges", "Entering a new track and running out of acceleration", "A year of continuing to overcome difficulties"... The messages under the hot topic on the Internet revealed expectations.

  In 2022, China is ready.

  This kind of preparation is made on the premise of knowing that there will be strong winds and waves and surging undercurrents on the road ahead, and we must always adhere to the problem-oriented approach.

  What do you think of China's economy?

Deviations in thinking and understanding will lead to deviations in behavior, which is the root cause of unstable expectations and the main problem that needs to be corrected at present.

Regarding the lack of understanding of the new development concept in some fields and regions, General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized that "the new development concept is completely, accurately and comprehensively implemented."

The new development concept is a collection of development concepts that are interconnected, highly coupled, and supported by coordination, and is an overall concept.

It is necessary to strengthen a high degree of political consciousness, unify thoughts and actions into the major policies and decisions of the Party Central Committee, highlight the leading role of new development concepts in economic and social development, and effectively resolve conflicts and problems in development.

  How to do economic work?

Macro policies should be stable and effective, micro policies should continue to stimulate the vitality of market players, structural policies should focus on smoothing the national economic cycle, science and technology policies should be solidly implemented, reform and opening up policies should activate development momentum, regional policies should enhance the balance and coordination of development, and social Policies must stick to the bottom line of people's livelihood. The major policy requirements put forward by the Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of last year cover all aspects of economic and social development, and are of great significance for stabilizing the macroeconomic market and laying a solid foundation for high-quality development.

Quickly introduce and implement a series of policies to expand domestic demand, study and propose targeted measures to stimulate industrial operations, and appropriately advance infrastructure investment... The National Development and Reform Commission revealed that, focusing on the stable start of the economy, my country will introduce a series of new policies and measures to form a stable Growth synergy.

  "Now, in the turbulent world economic tide, whether we can manage the big ship of our country's economy well is a major test for our party." "Whether it is a "major test" or "appropriately moving forward", in the final analysis, they all put forward higher requirements for leading cadres.

Leading cadres are on the front line of economic work and are the "key minority" driving development.

Comparing with the practical problems of understanding the above-mentioned generalizations and deploying the generalization and deployment, it is especially necessary to improve their ability to use scientific theories to guide practice, to improve their ability to use regular understanding, to improve their ability to manage complex situations, and to be responsible for stability. macroeconomic responsibilities.

  With hard work and perseverance, we will surely promote China's economy to gain the initiative, gain advantages and win the future in high-quality development!