A-share listed companies exploded at the end of the year, making people hard to guard against.

  On the evening of January 21, 100 billion aquaculture giant Wen's Co., Ltd. issued a performance forecast saying that it expects a net loss of 13 billion to 13.8 billion yuan in 2021, a decrease of 275% to 286% over the same period last year, and a profit of 7.426 billion yuan in the same period last year.

Pork farming suffers deep losses

  Provision for impairment of 2.5 billion yuan

  The company explained in the announcement that there are three reasons for the pre-loss.

  First of all, during the reporting period, the company sold 13.2174 million meat pigs (including wool pigs and fresh products), and the average selling price of wool pigs was 17.39 yuan/kg, a year-on-year decrease of 48.18%.

During the reporting period, the price of live pigs fell sharply. At the same time, due to the continuous increase in the price of feed raw materials, the company's purchase of some piglets for fattening, and the continuous promotion of breeding pig optimization and other factors, the company's pig breeding business profit fell sharply year-on-year, resulting in deep losses.

  Wen's Co., Ltd. said that the company will continue to promote the solid foundation of the pig business, improve the biosafety prevention and control system, continue to improve the quality of sows in stock, increase the listing rate of pork pigs, and reduce the cost of live pig breeding.

  In addition, the company sold 1.101 billion broiler chickens (including hairy chickens, fresh products and cooked food), a year-on-year increase of 4.76%, and sold 57.9789 million meat ducks (including hairy ducks and fresh products), a year-on-year increase of 1.85%.

During the reporting period, the overall situation of the poultry farming market has improved. The company’s poultry farming production performance has maintained a high level in the company’s history for many consecutive months. Although the continuous rise in the price of feed raw materials has driven up the farming cost, the company’s poultry farming business is profitable as a whole. .

  It is worth noting that during the reporting period, the company's amortization of equity incentive expenses was about 500 million yuan, and a preliminary provision for impairment of about 2.5 billion yuan was made for the consumable biological assets and productive biological assets currently in stock (the final data is based on the audit report. At the same time, the company increased financing in response to the downturn in the industry, and financial expenses increased significantly year-on-year.

more than BeiGene

  Become the king of A-share 2021 annual report forecast loss

  According to the latest data, as of January 21, Wen's Co., Ltd. has become the latest 2021 annual report pre-loss king of A shares, exceeding the previous highest pre-loss amount of 11.012 billion yuan in BeiGene.

  Previously, BeiGene estimated that it will lose 8.542 billion yuan to 11.012 billion yuan in 2021, mainly because the sales scale of self-developed products in its main business in 2021 continued to expand, during which it obtained technology authorization income, and at the same time, research and development projects increased and project progress continued to expand. advance.

  According to the operating data over the years, this is also the first net profit loss of Wen's shares since its listing.

  Wen's stock price has stopped falling and rebounded in the past half year, rising from 12.14 yuan per share to 21.65 yuan per share, an increase of 74.55%.

It has declined recently. As of the close on January 21, it closed at 19.28 yuan per share, with a total market value of 122.5 billion yuan.

  As of the end of the third quarter of 2021, among the top ten tradable shareholders of Wen's shares, Gao Yi Linshan No. 1 Yuanwang Fund was the fifth largest tradable shareholder, holding 71.5 million shares, accounting for 1.48% of the tradable shares. Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. increased its holdings by 9.9445 million shares.

 Stock bar fryer:

  Just filled the warehouse, is it still time to run now?

  After the announcement was made, Wen's shares were in a frenzy.

  Some investors said that with a loss of more than 13 billion, the stock price can still rise like this?

  Some investors also said that the profit is exhausted.

  Also a breeding stock with a market value of nearly 300 billion, the breeding giant Muyuan Co., Ltd. previously released a performance forecast saying that the company expects that the net profit attributable to the parent in 2021 will be 6.5 billion to 8 billion yuan, and the net profit will drop by 76.32% to 70.86% year-on-year; the estimated operating income is 770 100 million to 80 billion yuan.

  Muyuan Co., Ltd. stated that during the reporting period, the company’s live pig production increased significantly compared with the same period of the previous year. However, due to the gradual recovery of domestic live pig production capacity, the price of live pigs in 2021 will drop significantly compared with the same period of the previous year, resulting in the company’s operating performance in 2021. Significant decline compared to the same period last year.