French energy giant Total has announced that it has decided to withdraw from its business in Myanmar, where military crackdowns on civilians continue, due to the deteriorating local human rights situation.

France's energy giant "Total" is a gas field off the coast of Myanmar, and is engaged in natural gas production business together with "Chebron" in the United States and the local oil and gas corporation.

Total announced on the 21st that it has decided to withdraw from the gas business in Myanmar.

Regarding the reason, "In Myanmar, the human rights situation has continued to deteriorate since the coup d'etat in February last year, and we have decided that we cannot make any more positive contributions."

Human rights groups have been criticized for suspecting that profits are the source of military funding, as the project involves a public corporation in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, a year after the military coup last February, military crackdowns on civilians continue.

Under these circumstances, investors are paying close attention to foreign companies that do business with companies related to the military, and there is a movement to review local businesses.