Zhongxin Finance, January 22. The 2022 Spring Festival travel has been launched for nearly a week. From tomorrow (23rd), the train tickets for the sixth day of the new year will be officially launched.

Before embarking on the road back home, what other precautions should be taken for epidemic prevention?

What are the changes in the latest nucleic acid testing requirements in various places?

Find out together in advance!

Data map: Photo by Chen Jimin of Guangzhou South Railway Station

Spring Festival return train tickets will be up for grabs

  At present, the Spring Festival travel has been opened for nearly a week.

The previous forecast of the Ministry of Transport showed that this year's Spring Festival travel will generally show the characteristics of "low-to-mid-level passenger flow and relatively concentrated post-holiday travel".

  According to the experience of previous years, there will be peak return trips around the fifth and sixth day of the lunar new year and around the Lantern Festival.

  According to the arrangement of train tickets on sale 15 days in advance, on January 22, the train tickets for the fifth day of the Chinese New Year (February 5) will be officially on sale; on January 23, the train for the sixth day of the Chinese New Year (February 6) Tickets will officially go on sale.

  From February 1st, you can buy tickets for February 15th (Lantern Festival); from February 11th, you can buy train tickets for February 25th, the last day of the Spring Festival.

  Passengers can make arrangements for purchasing tickets in advance according to their travel needs.

Data map: Xi'an Railway Station conducts nucleic acid tests for arriving passengers.

Photo by Zhang Yichen

What are the latest requirements for nucleic acid testing in various places?

  Affected by the epidemic, various places have recently put forward stricter epidemic prevention requirements for returnees.

  For example, the capital’s strict entry into Beijing to manage the joint prevention and control coordination mechanism has been clarified earlier that, on the basis of a negative nucleic acid test certificate and a “Beijing Health Treasure” green code within 48 hours of entering and returning to Beijing, from 0:00 on January 22 to At the end of March, people entering and returning to Beijing were required to undergo a nucleic acid test within 72 hours after arriving in Beijing, and commuters continued to perform in accordance with existing policies and regulations.

  Shanghai proposes not to leave Shanghai unless it is necessary, encourages everyone to celebrate the New Year locally, and minimizes the movement of unnecessary people.

Those who come to Shanghai and arrive in Shanghai need to carry out 7-day health monitoring, reduce unnecessary crowd gatherings within 7 days of arrival in Shanghai, standardize the wearing of masks, maintain social distance, etc.

  Liaoning requires that those who come (return) to Liaoning from other provinces must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.

In addition, it is recommended that people from other provinces (returning) to Liaoning carry out a nucleic acid test within 24 hours after arriving in Liaoning.

  Sichuan advocates that all people from outside the province should undergo a nucleic acid test after coming (returning) to Sichuan.

If you come to (return) Sichuan from a land border port city (except those with ports connected to Hong Kong and Macau), you must provide a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours.

  If you have a history of living in medium and high-risk areas and other counties (cities, districts, flags) in the city where you are located, you must provide a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours when you come to (return) Sichuan, and take another nucleic acid test within 24 hours after arriving at the destination in Sichuan. .

  In addition, the railway 12306 mobile phone terminal can now provide a real-time query function of the epidemic prevention and control policies of the departure and arrival places of ticket purchases, which can easily check the determination policies of the negative nucleic acid test certificates of each departure station and terminal station, and the latest requirements of local health and epidemic prevention departments.

Passengers can keep abreast of the latest developments before traveling.

Data map Photo by Zhao Lang

What are the precautionary points to pay attention to on the way back home?

  As the Spring Festival is approaching, the National Health Commission and other departments have also issued the latest health tips for people who have travel needs.

- Precautions for railway travel

  According to travel needs, timely pay attention to the 12306 website and the information announcements of major stations.

Passengers are advised to download the railway 12306 mobile app and purchase tickets through the railway official website.

Railway 12306 mobile client provides real-time query function of epidemic prevention and control policies at the place of departure and arrival of tickets, and also provides registered users with a number of services such as itinerary reminders, train operation change notices, and electronic temporary travel identity certificates.

  Passengers are advised to use non-contact methods such as the Internet, mobile clients, and self-service ticketing terminals as much as possible to reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic.

  During travel, pay attention to your own health and personal protection, follow the guidance of railway staff, wear masks throughout the journey, and maintain a safe distance.

- Precautions for travel by air

  Check the epidemic prevention and control requirements at the departure and destination points in advance before travel, improve self-protection awareness during travel, take measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and maintaining social distance, and cooperate with airports and airlines to do temperature checks and health codes. and inspection of nucleic acid certificates.

  In accordance with the guidelines of the airport and airline staff, do a good job in hand disinfection before boarding, do not change seats on the plane, reduce unnecessary walking, and use the bathroom in an orderly manner.

- Precautions for self-driving travel

  It is necessary to cooperate with the inspection of epidemic prevention and control. When stopping at stations such as expressway service areas, it is necessary to abide by various regulations such as code scanning registration, temperature measurement, etc., wear masks correctly, maintain a safe distance, strengthen personal protection, reduce stay time, and jointly help Spring Festival epidemic prevention and control.