China News Service, January 21st, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on the data on foreign exchange receipts and payments in 2021. Wang Chunying, deputy director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and spokesperson, said at the press conference that during the Beijing Winter Olympics, in case of emergency or special For foreign exchange business, special policies should be given to meet the needs of handling business.

  According to Wang Chunying, the Winter Olympics is a big event for my country and a big event for Beijing.

In December 2021, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange issued policy measures to safeguard the use of foreign exchange during the Beijing Winter Olympics, with the aim of effectively improving the level of foreign exchange facilitation during the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In the context of meeting the requirements of relevant departments for epidemic prevention and control and adhering to closed-loop management, further convenience will be provided.

To this end, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has introduced several measures.

In addition to special events, it also includes:

Simplify the process.

Simplify the foreign exchange business process and material review for individuals outside the specified areas, provide foreign currency exchange and self-service machine services for the Winter Olympics, and facilitate foreign individuals in the Beijing Winter Olympics-related areas to handle foreign exchange business.

Convenient account opening.

Facilitate relevant domestic and foreign institutions to open foreign exchange settlement accounts for current accounts, and handle foreign exchange subsidies, bonuses and tax refunds.

Innovative services.

Support more banks to provide facilitation services for foreign tourists in China to use mobile payment tools for small-amount consumption under the premise of controllable risks.