The legal dispute over a competition fine of 2.42 billion euros against Google comes before the highest court of the European Union.

According to its own statements, the tech giant has appealed to the ECJ against a previous judgment of the lower court, as the company confirmed on Friday when asked.

After careful consideration, it was decided to challenge the EU court's decision, a spokeswoman said.

The Court of Justice of the European Union had ruled in November that Google with its price comparison service Google Shopping intentionally disadvantaged competitors and that a penalty imposed by the EU Commission for this reason was legal.

In 2017, the Brussels authority found that Google had abused its dominant position as a search engine operator by placing its own price comparison service at the top of Google search results and downgrading comparison services of its competitors.

Since 2017, the EU Commission has imposed several fines on Google, some of historic proportions.

So far, the three EU competition penalties for Google add up to more than eight billion euros, further investigations are ongoing.