Zhongxin Finance, January 21. According to the Ministry of Transport's news on the 21st, on the morning of January 20, the Office of the Inter-ministerial Joint Conference on the Coordination and Supervision of New Transportation Formats issued a statement on Manbang, Huolala, Didi Freight, Kuaigou Taxi, etc. 4 An Internet road freight platform company conducted an interview and reminded four online car-hailing platform companies including Didi Chuxing, Cao Cao Travel, T3 Travel, and Meituan Travel.

  The interview reminded that recently future truck drivers have concentrated on the Internet road freight platform's random adjustment of pricing rules, increased membership fees, inducing vicious low-price competition, and illegal transportation of oversized and overloaded vehicles. Widespread concern of the society.

The interview reminded that all platform companies should face up to their own problems, conscientiously implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, draw inferences from one case, and make rectification immediately.

  The first is to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the driver group.

All platform companies should further improve their ideological understanding, attach great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of drivers, conscientiously implement the deployment of our ministry and relevant departments on the protection of the rights and interests of truck drivers and online car-hailing drivers, and actively take effective measures to ensure reasonable labor remuneration for drivers. and rest time; smooth the channels for driver groups to express themselves, and respond to reasonable demands in a timely manner; actively participate in the platform’s flexible employment personnel occupational injury protection pilot program, effectively improve the working environment and working conditions, strengthen humanistic care, and enhance the driver group’s sense of gain.

  The second is to effectively standardize the operating behavior of platform companies.

All platform companies must adhere to fair competition. When formulating or adjusting pricing and bidding rules, income distribution rules, membership fees and other business strategies that involve the vital interests of drivers, they must publicly solicit the opinions and suggestions of drivers and industry associations, and report to the society one month in advance. Announcement; it is necessary to continuously optimize the dispatching mechanism, scientifically determine the working hours and labor intensity of employees, and avoid overtime labor and fatigue driving.

  The third is to stick to the bottom line of safe and stable development.

All platform companies should further implement the main responsibility for enterprise safety in production, strengthen the qualification review of drivers and vehicles employed on the platform, and remove unqualified personnel and vehicles.

Internet road freight platform companies should strengthen the review of the platform's supply of goods, strictly prohibit illegal consignment of dangerous goods and other contraband, and prohibit overloading and illegal modification of transportation, so as to ensure the safe and stable development of the industry.

  Fourth, do a good job in ensuring the travel of the masses and the transportation of materials.

As the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, all platform companies must earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities, maintain relatively stable operations during the holiday, ensure stable business operations, strengthen overall scheduling, and strengthen transportation capacity guarantees, so as to effectively meet the diverse travel needs of the people and the transportation needs of people's livelihood materials.