Cars are produced in both places, but the differences could hardly be greater: at VW in Wolfsburg, IG Metall has an almost fairytale position of power;

Something doesn't suit her, even for the CEO, it quickly becomes a matter of survival.

On the other hand, there is now the new Tesla factory east of Berlin - with an IG Metall union that doesn't even have an office on the site.

Their development work is just beginning and in Elon Musk they also meet an investor who doesn't really know what to do with unions.

What do you think of IG Metall's activities there?

It sets itself apart from other trade unions in that it does not immediately call for the state even when it is in a position of weakness, but rather concentrates on its own tasks – recruiting members, i.e. conquering market shares and thus building up collective bargaining power.

She also stands out from those industrial opponents, who are all too numerous around Berlin, with a clearly positive basic view of Musk's major investment.

Actually, Musk could also like the approach of IG Metall.

Worries that he could end up in the position of a VW boss are unnecessary.