The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell on the 21st as optimism about the outlook for corporate performance receded, as well as caution about a faster pace of monetary tightening to curb inflation. The price has dropped for 6 consecutive business days.

The closing price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the New York Stock Market on the 21st was $ 34,265,37, which is $ 450,2 lower than the previous day.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen for the sixth straight business day, with the decline exceeding $ 2000 in six days.

There is a sense of caution that the pace of monetary tightening to curb inflation will accelerate before the Fed, the central bank of the United States, meets to decide monetary policy next week. In addition, sales orders swelled as optimistic views on the future of corporate performance receded, centered on major video distribution companies such as the Net Fed.

The Nasdaq stock index, which has many IT-related stocks, also fell sharply by 2.7%.

On the other hand, in the New York crude oil market, the international crude oil futures price temporarily dropped to the $ 82 level per barrel due to the increase in US crude oil inventories, and the recent upward trend has been stopped for the time being. I am.

"Monetary policy is the focus, with some speculation that the Fed's rush to tighten monetary policy could slow the economic recovery," said a market source.