From high-speed growth stage to high-quality development stage

The express delivery industry accelerates the pace of "improving quality and efficiency"

  The State Post Bureau of China, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Transport recently jointly issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Postal Industry", which proposes five goals in terms of scale strength, basic network, innovation capability, service level, and governance efficiency. It is estimated that by 2025 In 2018, the annual business income of the postal industry exceeded 1.8 trillion yuan, the average daily service users exceeded 900 million, and the express delivery business volume exceeded 150 billion pieces, forming a number of postal services with an annual business volume of more than 20 billion pieces or an annual business income of more than 200 billion yuan. Express brand.

  Effectively promote consumption upgrade

  Shandong Rizhao seafood, Hunan Huaihua rock sugar orange, Shaanxi Xianyang kiwi fruit, Ningxia Yinchuan wolfberry... With the increasing convenience and speed of postal express, local specialties from many parts of the country "fly into" ordinary people's homes.

According to data from the State Post Bureau of China, in 2021, a total of 37 billion express parcels will be received and delivered in China's rural areas, driving agricultural products out of villages into cities and industrial products into villages exceeding 1.85 trillion yuan.

  Experts said that China's postal express industry is shifting from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage.

Data from the State Post Bureau shows that China's annual express delivery business has ranked first in the world for 8 consecutive years; 8 express delivery companies have been successfully listed, forming 3 branded express delivery groups with an annual business volume of over 10 billion pieces and a revenue of over 100 billion yuan; A courier service system connecting urban and rural areas, covering the whole country, and reaching the world has been basically completed, and express delivery outlets have basically achieved full coverage of towns and villages; the annual increase in employment has remained above 200,000; the postal express network serves nearly 700 million users per day on average, and express delivery between key regions The whole service time limit is shortened to about 58 hours.

  Industry insiders pointed out that in recent years, the volume of express delivery business in the central region has grown significantly, while the business volume in the western region has remained basically the same; 100 million parcels are sent to rural areas every day on the entire network, more carrying the mission of agricultural products and industrial products to the countryside; postal services The express delivery industry plays a more prominent role in promoting consumption upgrades and smoothing the economic cycle.

  Urgently need to solve the problems in the transformation

  The "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Postal Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") proposes five goals in terms of scale strength, basic network, innovation capability, service level, and governance efficiency. 12 indicators, including the 72-hour on-time rate of express delivery services in key areas, the increase in R&D investment of 8 leading companies, and the number of recyclable express packaging.

Whether it is a balanced development issue such as express delivery into factories, express delivery into villages, and improvement of the delivery network system, or the development path of technological innovation in industries such as big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain and Beidou navigation, or express delivery to the sea, smart postal services, Green packaging, low-carbon operations and other specific requirements, the "Planning" points out the direction for the development of China's postal express delivery industry.

  With the rapid development of the postal express industry, there are also some "concurrency" problems.

The reporter learned that some express companies illegally use user information, fictitious service transactions, reselling express waybills, express excessive packaging, random packaging, and plastic pollution.

Behind many practical problems are the transformation challenges that the postal express industry must overcome from rapid development to high-quality development.

  "In the process of sustained and rapid development, there is a certain lag in the construction of the industry infrastructure. It is necessary to promote overall planning, implement precise policies, and consolidate the development foundation of safety, quality, efficiency, standardization and green development." Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, said that it is necessary to enhance security prevention and control capabilities, maintain Industrial safety, strengthen the construction of emergency management system; steadily realize differential pricing, high quality and high price, realize the value of the industry, the profit of the enterprise, the dignity of the employees, and the praise of the users; take a clear stand against the damage to the rights and interests of the industry, the legitimate rights and interests of employees and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Behaviors, take a clear-cut stand to maintain market order, and focus on managing vicious low-price competition, out-of-scope operations and empty packages; adhere to both pollution reduction and carbon reduction, accelerate the reduction, standardization, and recycling of express packaging, and clarify the implementation path of the industry’s green and low-carbon transformation and development .

  Continuously improve industry service capabilities

  The intelligent service system helps enterprises "one-click delivery", and the express logistics intelligent equipment manufacturing industrial park makes express delivery, sorting, transportation, delivery, and warehousing more intelligent. Unmanned warehouses, unmanned vehicles, and drones are in Realize normalized operation in multiple scenarios; carbon reduction methods such as electronic bills, intelligent route planning, environmental protection bags, recycling boxes, and green recycling boxes have been continuously promoted, and the postal express industry has become "flowing green"... In the "Planning", a post The industry blueprint for the high-quality development of the industry is slowly unfolding.

In the not-too-distant future, "Every Village Express", "Next Day Delivery" to key domestic cities, 3-day delivery to major cities in neighboring countries, and 5-day delivery to major cities around the world will become a reality.

  At the same time, the "soft support" of the postal express industry is also constantly strengthening.

In July 2021, seven departments including the Ministry of Transport, the State Post Bureau, and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Opinions on Doing a Good Job in Protecting the Legal Rights and Interests of Courier Groups", proposing a reasonable income distribution mechanism, ensuring reasonable labor remuneration for couriers, and improving 8 key tasks including the social security level of couriers.

In January of this year, the "Notice on Accelerating the Work of Connecting County's Rural E-commerce System and Express Logistics and Distribution System (Draft for Comment)" focused on the practical issues of the "last mile" of rural logistics and distribution.

  "High-quality development is the only way for China's postal express industry to grow from big to strong." Chen Kai, deputy director of the State Post Bureau, said that in the next step, the development of the postal express industry will focus on several aspects: First, improve the supply system and promote new business formats and new models Healthy development, promote professional services such as supply chain, medicine, cold chain, express delivery; secondly, improve the quality of supply, strengthen supervision during and after the event, and continuously strengthen supervision and law enforcement; thirdly, realize industrial integration, consolidate the fundamentals of the e-commerce market, and focus on In key areas, we will promote "express delivery into factories", steadily advance "express delivery to the sea", and boost the construction of the "Belt and Road"; fourth, promote the project of "express delivery into villages" by category, strengthen the construction of terminal service capabilities, and strengthen the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of couriers.