Takara Shuzo, headquartered in Kyoto, has announced that it will raise the price of 220 products including some of the shochu and canned highs from the shipment in June in response to the soaring prices of raw materials.

According to the announcement, Takara Shuzo will raise the price of 220 products, including shochu and canned highs, which are classified as "shochu shellfish", from the shipment on June 1st.

The price increase is about 1% to 8% at the reference retail price, which means that the target is about 20% of the products handled by the company.

The main factors are soaring prices of alcohol, which is the raw material imported from overseas, and rising transportation costs, and the price increases for shochu and canned highs have been since 1991, except for the revision of the liquor tax.

Regarding the price increase, Takara Shuzo said, "We have made efforts to rationalize and reduce costs, but it has become extremely difficult to absorb the cost increase only by corporate efforts, so we decided to implement it."

On the other hand, in response to RCEP = Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership coming into effect and tariffs being gradually abolished, the prices of 31 products including Shaoxing wine imported from China will be reduced from the shipment on April 1. I am.