Honda announced that it will cut production by about 10% at its plant in Mie prefecture early next month due to the impact of global semiconductor shortage.

Domestic car production is expected to return to normal after this month, but the impact is protracted.

Honda will reduce production at Suzuka Works in Mie Prefecture, which produces its mainstay mini vehicles and SUVs = multipurpose sports vehicles, and will reduce production by about 10% from the plan early next month.

In addition to the global shortage of semiconductors, the company has been delayed in procuring parts due to multiple factors such as the continued spread of the new coronavirus infection in Southeast Asia, which has many customers, and the impact of the flood in Malaysia that occurred last month. It is said that it is because it is out.

Last year, Honda said that production would continue to decline due to a shortage of semiconductors and other parts, and domestic production would return to normal after this month, but the impact has been prolonged.

On the other hand, the factories in Saitama Prefecture will produce as usual.

Regarding automobile production,

Toyota Motor Corp. is forecasting that next month's production will decrease by about 150,000 units from the original plan due to the effects of semiconductor shortages, and

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. is also infecting employees at domestic factories. It is difficult to predict when it will be normalized, as production has been partially discontinued for three days until the 21st.