China News Service, Guangzhou, January 19 (Guo Jun, Peng Yonggui and Fu Zhiguan) On January 19, the 80,000-ton semi-submersible ship built by Guangzhou Shipbuilding International, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation for COSCO Shipping, was named and delivered in Nansha, Guangzhou.

The naming guests named the ship "Xin Yaohua".

The deadweight of the ship is second only to the "Xin Guanghua", China's largest semi-submersible ship built and delivered by Guangzhou Shipbuilding International in 2016.

  Semi-submersible ship is a kind of transport ship that can "dive", also known as "sea Hercules forklift". It can, like a forklift on land, submerge the deck into the water through the adjustment of its own ballast water, and transport the cargo from Float on the designated position to complete the loading.

This kind of ship is mainly used to transport super-large equipment that cannot be divided for hoisting, such as offshore engineering platforms, oil and gas extraction modules, large wind power equipment, and ships that have lost power.

  The "Xin Yaohua" semi-submersible ship is an 80,000-ton semi-submersible ship, which is the second largest semi-submersible ship in China.

The ship has a total length of 255 meters, a beam of 57 meters, a diving draft of 30.5 meters, a deadweight of 80,000 tons, and a service speed of 14.5 knots.

The loading deck is 210 meters long and 57 meters wide, and the area of ​​the loading deck is close to the size of two standard football fields.

China's new 80,000-ton semi-submersible ship "Xin Yaohua".

Photo by Zhao Yunpeng

  The "Xin Yaohua" has 108 ballast water tanks, and each ballast water tank has a valve that leads directly to the seabed.

When diving, as long as the submarine valve of the corresponding ballast tank is opened through the control system, the ship can automatically dive into the water 30.5 meters within 6 hours.

During the floating operation, air is injected into the corresponding ballast water tank through the 4 large air compressors equipped on the ship, and the ballast water in the ballast tank will be automatically discharged overboard, and the ship will float.

During the diving experiment in the sea trial, the ship dived to the predetermined depth in only 3.5 hours, and the comprehensive performance of diving and snorkeling was excellent.

  "Xin Yaohua" uses four sets of electric propulsion systems as power, and is equipped with two sets of side thrusters at the bow and stern.

The ship is powered by 6 main diesel generator sets with a power of 4,500 kilowatts, and has its own state-of-the-art dynamic positioning system.

Such a high-spec power configuration makes this boat the most powerful power performance.

China's new 80,000-ton semi-submersible ship "Xin Yaohua".

Photo by Zhao Yunpeng

  According to Lin Jiuyue, the project manager of the ship, the ship can use DGPS, laser and radar systems for dynamic positioning, and the error is only 0.05 meters.

  The "New Yaohua" is very intelligent. There are more than 9,000 automatic control points in various areas of the ship. These control points are like the nervous system of the human body. If any small equipment on the ship fails, the operator can The first time to find and remote processing.

  The "Xin Yaohua" semi-submersible ship is an optimized version of the "Xin Guanghua" wheel. Although the deadweight tonnage is slightly smaller than that of the "Xin Guanghua" wheel, its comprehensive performance is more excellent.

With the rich experience accumulated in the field of semi-submersible ship construction, GSI has successfully conquered a large number of key technologies in the construction of the ship.

In addition, the ship uses all-electric propulsion, with a cable length of 450 kilometers, and the propulsion system is powered by a 6,600-volt medium voltage system.