Zi Qian, reporter of Guangming Daily

  January 17 is the first day of the 2022 Spring Festival. Under the advocacy of off-peak travel, many wanderers embarked on their journey home, and the annual Spring Festival has begun.

  According to the forecast of the Ministry of Transport, the country is expected to send 1.18 billion passengers during the Spring Festival travel in 2022, with an average of 29.5 million passengers per day, a year-on-year increase of 35.6% over 2021 and a year-on-year decrease of 20.3% over 2020.

Under this circumstance, how to optimize the allocation of transportation capacity and serve the travel of passengers under the requirements of epidemic prevention and control has become the "keyword" of this year's Spring Festival travel.

  Smart Epidemic Prevention Appears in Railway Spring Festival Transport

  At 5:34 a.m. on January 17, the first Spring Festival train in Beijing, the G6737 train from Beijing West to Handan East, left the platform, marking the official start of the 40-day Spring Festival Transport in 2022.

In order to do a better job of epidemic prevention and control, some intelligent epidemic prevention equipment of the railway department have appeared one after another.

  "According to the epidemic prevention and control measures, passengers need to check the health code when entering the station. If there is no smartphone or the mobile phone is out of power, the health code checking machine can help to check and improve the traffic efficiency." Liang Zhaoyu, spokesman for Beijing West Railway Station He said that Beijing West Railway Station alone has added 5 new health code inspection machines in the entry area. At the same time, the waiting hall has also added an intelligent atomization disinfection robot to strengthen the disinfection of the main aisle and ensure a safe and secure waiting environment for passengers. .

  In addition, major railway stations have also provided more convenient collection services for masks, which are indispensable and very easy to lose for travelers.

It is reported that during the Spring Festival travel this year, many railway stations have added free mask collection machines in the ticket halls on the basis of the original waiting areas. If a passenger's mask is damaged or lost, he can scan the QR code on the machine to receive a one-time mask for free. Masks to solve urgent needs.

  The person in charge of the passenger transportation department of China National Railway Group pointed out that although there is great uncertainty in passenger travel due to the impact of the epidemic and the guidance of local prevention and control policies, judging from the current Spring Festival ticket pre-sale situation, the number of students and migrant workers in the 2022 Spring Festival Transport will be Basic travel needs such as family visits, family visits, etc. will still maintain a certain scale, and the railway sector is facing the double test and pressure of ensuring travel and preventing and controlling the epidemic.

The railway department will take effective measures to ensure the safety and order of the railway Spring Festival transportation and the safe and healthy travel of passengers.

  Over 600,000 domestic passenger flights during the Spring Festival

  In terms of civil aviation, which is more concerned by long-distance passengers, airports around the Spring Festival this year will also strengthen the docking and cooperation with local Spring Festival agencies, and on the basis of epidemic prevention and control, ensure smooth traffic connections for arriving and departing passengers.

  Xu Qing, deputy director of the Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, said that according to preliminary forecasts, civil aviation will usher in the peak passenger travel around the Spring Festival holiday and after the Lantern Festival, especially after the holiday, it is likely that there will be a superposition of passenger flows such as student flow and migrant flow.

As of January 10, on the basis that 586,700 domestic scheduled passenger flights have been scheduled during the Spring Festival, the Civil Aviation Administration and the regional administrations of civil aviation have approved 20,297 overtime flights on domestic routes during the Spring Festival.

  Relevant data from Ctrip shows that during the Spring Festival travel period, the national average air ticket price was about 802 yuan, a year-on-year increase of over 40%.

One month before the start of the Spring Festival, the search volume of Spring Festival air tickets increased by 30% year-on-year, and traditional tourist hotspots are still attracting attention.

In previous years, some routes with tight air tickets canceled direct flights to many places due to epidemic prevention and control factors, and the price of air tickets in areas where direct flights were reserved increased slightly compared with previous years.

  "In order to meet the passenger demand of hot spots and hot routes during the Spring Festival, the Civil Aviation Administration also encourages airlines to flexibly allocate capacity, make overall arrangements for overtime and temporary flight operations, and timely meet the travel needs of the majority of passengers." Han Guangzu, Director of the Flight Standards Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, said. During the Spring Festival travel period in 2022, Sanya, Guiyang, Harbin and other destinations will continue to be popular choices for travel.

  Although the average ticket price has increased, many airlines have launched more convenient ticket refund and change services in response to the epidemic prevention and control requirements.

"Taking China Southern Airlines as an example, we provide omni-channel refund and correction services during the Spring Festival travel period. No matter which way you buy domestic air tickets starting with 784 of China Southern Airlines, you can refund or reschedule them on the China Southern Airlines app and official WeChat account, and fully automatic processing and refunding. The account will be received in seconds, and the rescheduled will be processed in seconds.” said the relevant person in charge of China Southern Airlines.

  Do a good job in service guarantee and guide orderly travel

  For passengers who chose to travel home by road in previous years, there may be some brand new changes in this year's Spring Festival.

  Zhou Min, deputy director of the Emergency Management Office of the Ministry of Transport, said that this year's Spring Festival travel will be characterized by "low-to-mid-level passenger flow, little change in passenger flow composition, relatively concentrated post-holiday travel, and tidal distribution in time and space". In the case of local outbreaks of clustered epidemics, the Ministry of Transport has launched a number of measures, hoping to continue to ensure transportation services while preventing the spread of the epidemic through transportation links.

  "For medium and high-risk areas, it is necessary to suspend inter-provincial and inter-city road passenger shuttles and chartered cars in a timely manner, and to suspend cross-city passenger transportation services such as buses, cruise taxis, online car-hailing, and ride-hailing in a timely manner, and make relevant information release. and refund service." Zhou Min said that for key groups such as migrant workers and college students who have the need for centralized transportation and have the conditions, "point-to-point" transportation such as chartered cars and special trains will be organized to guide orderly travel.

  In addition, in terms of epidemic prevention and control at transportation stations and transportation vehicles, all localities should also urge passenger and passenger transportation station operators to ventilate and disinfect transportation vehicles and stations according to regulations, strictly check the health code of passengers, and carry out temperature detection. Passengers are reminded to wear masks in the whole process, and to implement the requirements of waiting outside the "one-meter line".

  "In the management of highways and water transport ports, we must strictly implement the 'passenger-stopping-cargo' policy, organize the 'point-to-point one-stop' entry of inbound personnel with the strictest measures, and strengthen closed-loop management." Zhou Min pointed out that it is necessary to Strictly implement centralized living and closed management for personnel in high-risk positions who have direct contact with inbound personnel, goods, and the environment at the port, so that personnel are relatively fixed and standardized, and high-frequency nucleic acid testing and daily health monitoring are implemented to further ensure epidemic prevention and control.

  "Guangming Daily" (10th edition on January 18, 2022)