At the beginning of the new year, the winter vacation is approaching. The "Yili Ark" children's safety public welfare project jointly launched by China Western Talent Development Foundation and Yili Group celebrates its ninth birthday. "Yili Ark" has sent two classes and a game to help teachers improve their skills , to help schools manage in an orderly manner, let children learn safety knowledge, and let parents know the key points of prevention.

  The "Winter Holiday Safety Micro-Classroom" and "Online Series of Open Classes" initiated by the project invited well-known domestic experts to record 3 episodes of micro-classes on topics such as parent-child education, school violence, and gender education, and conduct 5 live broadcast classes. knowledge.

  In just a few days, the Weibo topic of "Two Classes" has reached 520 million views, nearly 100,000 people participated in the topic discussion, and the video views exceeded 14 million.

Teachers, students and parents of nearly 200 schools in 11 counties where the "Yili Ark" project was implemented participated in online learning.

  "Campus bullying shows a trend of complication and concealment. It may be hidden in a hidden corner and needs the eyes of parents and teachers!" The first class of the micro-classroom attracted everyone's attention.

There is also a special section in the open class that talks about the rational understanding and effective prevention of student bullying. "The teacher said that cold violence, isolation of individuals, and small actions behind their backs are all bullying. We must be vigilant and never swallow our voices!" Inner Mongolia Wang Zi Ai, Class 4, Class 4, No. 3 Primary School, Dayangshu Town, Oroqen Banner said this.

  The speed of life and death, what should we do in three minutes of golden first aid?

Experts in the open class described in detail the emergency response methods for common accidental injuries on campus; is corporal punishment for being late, is the teacher's behavior illegal?

How teachers teach in accordance with the law and how students protect their rights and interests, "Teaching in accordance with the law and campus safety in the context of the construction of a legal society" guides campus management to be more compliant and legal.

In addition, topics such as sexual assault prevention, network safety and social networking have also benefited everyone a lot.

  The project also launched the "Safe Superman Imitation Contest" on the Douyin platform. The trendy gameplay not only attracted the spontaneous participation of many Douyin masters, but also punch-in interactions from athletes, celebrities, celebrities, street photographers, and college students. , and more active support from teachers, students and parents from the ten project implementation counties of "Yili Ark".

The challenge continued to ferment on the Douyin station, and the topic of the #safesuperman imitation contest continued to rise, with a total of 44.302 million views.

  In the video, a little baby from a kindergarten in Yangxin County, Hubei Province reminded childishly that "it is not safe to touch the socket"; a national first-level badminton player warmly simulated "steps are important, be careful about slipping"; two girlfriends are truly restored The phenomenon of door smashing while waiting for people in the elevator reminds everyone to "strictly prohibit smashing the door"; some young couples at home perform "be careful meeting" and "be careful with the glass" and other small safety issues that are easily overlooked; Say it yourself"...

  Not only the imitation competition, but also a public fund-raising event launched by "Yili Ark" on the Douyin platform. Through the imitation competition, the society's attention to children's safety was raised, and then they actively participated in the public welfare activities of jointly building a "children's safety ecological school". Help schools in remote areas in the central and western regions to carry out campus safety construction, and escort the lives and health of children.

  2021 is the ninth year of the implementation of the "Yili Ark" project.

Up to now, the project has radiated to 40 cities in 25 provinces across the country, created more than 500 "Yili Ark Safety Ecological Schools", and independently developed the "School Safety Assessment Indicator System for Primary and Secondary Schools - Yili Ark Hologram", more than 300,000 children Benefited from.

  In 2022, "Yili Ark" will be transformed and upgraded.

According to Ma Jing, Secretary-General of the Western China Talent Development Foundation, "Yili Ark" has completed the project upgrade, built a new development model of "one body with two wings", made good use of the "Yili Ark hologram", established a campus safety assessment index system, and promoted the campus Advocating safety policies and enhancing students' safety awareness, through the establishment of the "Yili Ark" expert committee, the "Children Safety Summit Forum", the "Hundred Cities and Thousand Schools" safety classes, and the promotion of "Children Safety Carnival", etc. Management provides overall solutions.

  Ding Wenfeng, chairman of the Western China Talent Development Foundation, said that our efforts are necessary when the society needs it.

It is clearly stated in the "14th Five-Year Plan" that it is necessary to improve the comprehensive protection system for minors and improve the level of care services for minors. "Yili Ark" is actively responding to national policies and related requirements. Ways, link a wider range of forces, build a better platform, innovate and develop, and protect the future of the motherland.