These days, in stores where people come and go, such as restaurants and cafes, more hands are needed to check in QR and disinfect the store, but in these indoor facilities, an AI robot that detects a customer leaving and safely disinfects and purifies the air has appeared.

Correspondent Seo Dong-gyun reported.


A cafe in Daejeon.

As the two drink coffee and stand up, the AI ​​robot approaches.

The robot will go to places where people gather and where there is a possibility of spreading the virus on its own.

The CCTV screen of the store is linked to the robot in real time, so analysis is possible.

Then, we will divide the number of people and test how precisely the robot can determine the virus cluster.

The number of people at the next table is 1 different, and when you leave at the same time, the place with more people is disinfected first.

The disinfection robot currently available is not effective in disinfection because it sterilizes the entire store.

In addition, it is difficult to use when people are active because they sterilize by shooting UV rays directly to the quarantine target.

However, the new AI robot uses deep learning of 200,000 portraits to identify whether or not people are human even in crowded restaurants or cafes and avoid people for quarantine work.

Since there is CCTV data, it can be disinfected even after guests leave, and viruses in the air can be sucked into the robot and sterilized with filters and UV rays.

[Doo-Yeol Koh / Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials: By introducing artificial intelligence technology that can coexist and quarantine within the environment where people live together, and quarantine a concentrated area with more people…


However, it cannot be used where there is no CCTV, and the person recognition function needs to be supplemented.

The new AI robot will be used at 10 unmanned robot cafes across the country from around April this year.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Kim Byeong-jik, screen source: Blue Ocean Robotics)