Zhongxin Finance, January 18th. On the afternoon of the 18th, Zhangzidao responded on the investor interactive platform that the company was concerned about recent media reports that "Tonga volcanic eruption and tsunami have led to the influx of Pacific scallops into Zhangzidao, and this year's revenue will increase by 100%+ "And related rumors, the above reports and rumors are seriously untrue, the company's management has not accepted any relevant interviews and replies to the above questions, and the company reserves the right to protect its own rights and interests through legal channels.

Zhangzidao responded to relevant rumors on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Exchange.

  As of the close on January 18, Zhangzidao's share price was reported at 4.26 yuan, an increase of 10.08%, and the total market value reached 3.03 billion yuan.