Recently, Yihai Kerry Arowana donated grain and oil materials worth 1 million yuan to Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province through the Arowana Charity Foundation, which will be used to support the epidemic prevention and control and condolences in Qindu District, Weicheng District and Xingping City of Xianyang City. The hard work of the medical and epidemic prevention staff of Xianyang Central Hospital and Xingping People's Hospital.

  As soon as the epidemic broke out in Xi'an, Yihai Kerry Arowana Shaanxi Enterprise Group quickly set up an emergency team to actively communicate with governments at all levels to apply for the opening of rice noodle oil in response to various problems such as vehicle transportation, personnel travel, and raw material supply. Transport green channel.

The Golden Dragon Fish Rice Noodle Oil Transportation Team works day and night to continuously deliver goods for people's livelihood to the front line of the fight against the "epidemic" every day.

  Yihai Kerry (Xingping) Food Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yihai Kerry Arowana, is an important comprehensive grain, oil and food processing enterprise in the northwest region. In order to provide people's livelihood products during the epidemic prevention and control period, it has actively maintained close cooperation with governments at all levels. Communication, responding to the government's call to "guarantee production and supply", go all out to start production, and help Shaanxi Province, especially Xi'an and Xianyang, to stabilize the supply of grain and oil.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, we made a commitment to "no price increase, continuous supply, and no deterioration in quality" of important commodities such as rice, flour, oil, etc., and gave full play to the exemplary role of leading enterprises to reassure the common people.

  The company also issued an initiative to employees to actively participate in the production and shipping army. More than 100 employees abandoned their small homes for a short time and moved into the staff dormitory, and threw themselves into work at two o’clock every day.

All employees on duty The company arranges nucleic acid testing for all employees every 48 hours.

  The business team of Yihai Kerry Food Marketing Co., Ltd. Xi'an Branch has more than 200 people to fully implement the work of epidemic prevention and supply guarantee, and report daily price execution, shipment, inventory dynamics, etc., to strengthen supply guarantee; Stock up on supplies for any reason, and go all out to escort epidemic prevention and protection.