Economic Daily Tianjin, January 16 (Reporter Shang Rui) In order to further ensure the market supply during the epidemic prevention and control period, the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued on January 15 on the issuance of the "Passports for Transportation of Emergency Materials Entering and Exiting Tianjin Epidemic Prevention and Control" and management notice, and announced to the society the list of the first batch of 39 companies that guarantee the supply of daily necessities.

  After the epidemic prevention and control measures have been upgraded, in order to ensure the smooth entry and exit of daily necessities transportation vehicles in and out of Tianjin, Tianjin has implemented the emergency material transportation vehicle pass system.

The pass is printed by the Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission and the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau, and is issued to key enterprises engaged in the circulation of daily necessities.

The daily necessities transported mainly include rice, flour, oil, meat, eggs and milk, sugar, salt, condiments, vegetables, aquatic products, fruits, dairy products, infant formula milk powder, formula food for special medical purposes, instant food, drinking water, essential daily necessities and medicines, etc.

  The first batch of 39 key supply guarantee enterprises involve agricultural product circulation, supermarket stores, e-commerce and other fields, including 10 agricultural product wholesale markets, 15 large supermarkets, and 7 e-commerce distribution companies, basically covering all districts in Tianjin.

  The Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce will also announce the list of the second batch of key supply guarantee enterprises in due course according to the market supply guarantee situation.