In the afternoon of the Tokyo stock market on the 18th, the number of sell orders increased and the stock price fell.

This is because high oil prices have increased inflation in the United States, raising caution that monetary policy tightening may be accelerated.

▽ Nikkei Stock Average, closing price on 18th is 76.27 yen lower than 17th, 28,257.25 yen,

▽ Tokyo Stock Price Index = topics fell 8.33, 1978.38,

▽ daily trading volume is 1,226.57 million It was a stock.

In the morning, buy orders preceded the rise of major stock indexes in the European stock market on the 17th, but sell orders increased in the afternoon, and stock prices fell and the stock price fell on the 18th. I'm done.

Market officials said, "The WTI futures price, which is an international indicator of crude oil prices, is rising following the explosion at the facility of a state-owned oil company in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This has led to a sense of caution among investors that inflation may increase in the United States and the pace of monetary policy tightening may accelerate. "