As the use of smartphones increases, the spread and use of 'QR codes' is also rapidly increasing.

Recently, a woman reported to SBS that she was involved in the development of a simple payment service app for a large company and suffered damage because her QR code was leaked.

The company distributed the app installation manual to over 300 marts nationwide, but their QR code was attached to it without permission.

If you point your smartphone camera at the QR code, your phone number will appear and you will receive calls from all over the country, day or night, and on weekends.

The damage continued for five months, but the woman said that she was a contract worker, so even though she kept making complaints to the company, the problem was not resolved.

The problem is that when a QR code is generated by installing this payment app, you can check the phone number of the person who installed it through the smartphone camera.

This content is not notified at all during the installation process, so many bloggers inadvertently just uploaded their QR codes online.

Tonight (18th) night SBS 8 News will deliver more details.