Zhongxin Finance, January 18. According to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, on the 17th, the Yangtze River Aquatic Life Protection and the Yangtze River Fishing Ban Work Coordination Mechanism held a video scheduling meeting on the resettlement and security work of the Yangtze River fishermen.

The meeting said that since the 10-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River has been fully launched, various localities and departments have promoted the resettlement and security of fishermen returning from fishing. The fishermen realize their due guarantees.

  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to continue to increase policy support and work implementation, take into account the long and short, and take multiple measures to stabilize the channels for returning fishermen to work and employment, and to improve the level of social security.

Accelerate and improve the dynamic monitoring mechanism for the resettlement security of fishermen returning from fishing, improve the accuracy and timeliness of monitoring, strengthen dynamic monitoring and analysis of key groups, include eligible households in difficulty in the scope of minimum living allowances and special hardship guarantees in a timely manner, implement temporary rescue policies, and ensure that Do not return to poverty.

Find ways to improve the quality of returning fishermen to jobs, strengthen skills training and policy support, guide the development of integrated rice and fish farming, aquaculture, recreational fisheries, etc., expand employment channels for secondary and tertiary industry workers, and set up more public welfare jobs to ensure zero The family dynamics of fishermen who have been employed and retired are cleared.

  At the same time, it is necessary to do everything possible to improve the level of social security, continuously optimize the pension insurance policy for fishermen returning from fishing, do a good job in publicity and explanation, mobilize the enthusiasm of fishermen to participate in insurance according to a higher standard, and provide necessary support in housing, education, medical care and other security.

It is necessary to continue to consolidate the main responsibilities of the Yanjiang County and Municipal Governments, strengthen work assessment, incentives and constraints, continue to maintain the normalized operation of the coordination mechanism and special work classes, and promote the implementation of work through grid management.

The inter-ministerial special class will carry out unannounced investigations and unannounced visits from time to time by adopting the method of "Four Nos and Two Straights". For problems such as non-fulfillment of responsibilities and job vacancies, they will be notified for interviews, listed for supervision, and centralized rectification.

  The meeting demanded that it is necessary to comprehensively improve the ability of fishery law enforcement and supervision conditions, further strengthen the construction of fishery law enforcement and supervision institutions, improve the cross-regional law enforcement mechanism, and promote the normalization of law enforcement and supervision in the whole basin and the whole period. And other key seasons to organize joint law enforcement.

Regarding the illegal fishing behaviors reported by all parties, the scope of illegal fishing behaviors and the detailed standards of law enforcement shall be clarified through local legislation, the formulation and revision of relevant systems, etc., and the punishment of law enforcement shall be increased.