Once again there is organized investor fraud on platforms on the Internet.

In the case of "24option.com" it is said to be a damage of 6 million euros, "only" one is almost inclined to say.

It is not a subjective impression that such reports are currently piling up.

Public prosecutors speak of a “crime phenomenon”.

The Federal Criminal Police Office can prove with numbers that classic investment fraud is increasingly shifting to the Internet.

According to the latest BKA status report, more than a third of fraud in cyber trading increased within a year. The next figures will be available in the summer, but they should confirm this trend. In an environment of low interest rates and inflation, investing online has become a necessity for many savers. Some investors cast aside any caution. They are only guided by returns. This makes them easy prey for organized gangs that step out of legal gray areas and rip off unsuspecting investors.

But the majority of online providers stick to the rules, explain things reasonably and don't promise anything out of the blue.

However, private investors must recognize such differences themselves.

Scandals like "24option.com" must be the reason why small investors in particular invest more in their often inadequate financial education.

Otherwise, the next wave of fraud is only a matter of weeks.