“According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, as of January 15, the volume of active gas in European underground storage facilities is 25% (by 15.6 billion cubic meters) less than last year's level.

62.6% of the volume of gas pumped in the summer period has already been withdrawn, ”the company reports in its Telegram.

It is specified that the volume of active gas in European storage facilities as of January 15 is only 46.9 billion cubic meters.

m, which is 1.091 billion cubic meters.

m below the historical minimum values ​​for this date.

“Gas reserves in Ukrainian UGS facilities have decreased to 12.6 billion cubic meters.

m. This is 44.2% (10 billion cubic meters) lower than last year and 2.7 billion cubic meters.

m less than at the start date of injection in April 2021,” the message added.

Earlier, the press service of the GTS Operator of Ukraine company stated that the actual gas consumption in Ukraine in 2021 decreased by 6.6%.