While the development of services related to the virtual space "Metaverse" on the Internet is progressing, NTT DoCoMo has released the latest technology such as reproducing the actual facial expression on the online alter ego avatar.

NTT DoCoMo has been holding an exhibition of the latest technology utilizing communication in Tokyo from the 17th.

DoCoMo is strengthening the development of related technologies in anticipation of expanding the use of the virtual space "Metaverse" on the Internet, and at the venue, the technology that can reproduce the actual facial expression on the online alter ego avatar was released. rice field.

If you blink or laugh, it will be reflected in the facial expression of your avatar, and it will be useful for serving customers in the Metaverse space in the future.

In addition to facial expressions, technology to convey actual movements to avatars has also been released.

When a person with a sensor performs actions such as punching and kicking, it is revealed that the online character also makes the same movement, and it is expected to be used at events on the Metaverse.

Regarding Metaverse, Meta and Microsoft, which changed their company names from Facebook, are also developing, and competition is fierce in the world.

Tomohiro Ando, ​​who is in charge of development at NTT DoCoMo, said, "We believe that Metaverse will be responsible for the next generation of communication. We would like to deliver services to users as soon as possible."