Zhongxin Finance, January 16th, according to the "National Development and Reform Commission" official account, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on promoting consumption in the near future. Under the premise of accurate and effective epidemic prevention and control, seize the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. Taking the opportunity of the peak consumption season of traditional festivals such as festive seasons, adapting to the changes in residents' consumption habits and the need for quality improvement and upgrading, tap consumption hot spots and growth points, further release residents' consumption potential, and promote the realization of a stable economic start in the first quarter. The relevant work is hereby notified as follows.

  1. Taking measures according to local conditions to meet the consumption needs of residents during festivals.

Adhere to the stabilization and expansion of consumption under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, implement local main responsibilities, prevent simplistic, "one size fits all", "layered overweight" prevention and control, and minimize the impact on the production and life of the masses.

In low-risk areas, short-distance reasonable mobility and normal consumption activities in urban and rural areas should be guaranteed.

Effectively strengthen the supply of living materials to ensure that daily necessities are not out of stock and kept in stock.

In line with the needs of the elderly to go to the place where their children live to reunite, we will provide travel services that combine traditional and intelligent, online and offline travel services for special groups such as the elderly.

Orderly deploy public transport capacity, actively provide non-contact, less gathering consumer items and social services to facilitate residents' consumption at the doorstep.

Innovate and enrich New Year's Eve meals, encourage the provision of multi-category packages, self-catering, online booking of New Year's Eve ingredients and other services, and encourage the production and sale of semi-finished products and "clean vegetables".

  2. Create an upgraded version of online festival consumption.

Guide e-commerce companies to start the Spring Festival "no closing" mode, and hold online promotional activities such as New Year's purchases and large-scale fairs.

Combining the characteristics of festivals, we will launch more customized, intelligent and green products, and focus on promoting high-quality products such as branded agricultural products, geographical indication products, and time-honored brands.

Carry out various forms of promotional activities, and where conditions permit, joint enterprises can issue consumer coupons and coupons for the people.

Support family-style consumption of filial piety culture, and encourage the launch of "one-stop shopping" for the elderly, children and other groups with affordable New Year's gift packages.

Maintain the market order during the Spring Festival, and strictly prohibit unfair competition, "choose one from two", "big data killing", and selling infringing, counterfeit and shoddy goods and other illegal activities.

  3. Effectively expand county-level rural consumption.

Support the development of new energy vehicles to the countryside, encourage the development of green and smart home appliances in places where conditions permit, and promote the consumption of rural residents by making profits from enterprises and reducing the down payment ratio.

Guide production enterprises to actively develop consumer goods, major appliances, building materials, furniture, automobiles, etc. suitable for the rural market, and promote the upgrading of rural durable consumer goods.

Accelerate the integration of the county's rural e-commerce system and express logistics distribution system, support large-scale commercial and trade circulation enterprises, e-commerce platforms and other service enterprises to expand into rural areas, and accelerate brand consumption and quality consumption into rural areas.

Expand the coverage of rural e-commerce, enrich village-level commercial outlets express delivery, agricultural product brokerage and other services to meet the needs of rural residents for convenient consumption and nearby sales.

Improve the quality of services such as rural tourism, leisure agriculture, healthy elderly care, and homestay economy, and launch a number of Spring Festival folk-themed rural tourism routes. While improving epidemic prevention and control measures, urban residents will be attracted to the countryside for consumption.

  Fourth, take advantage of the trend to expand residents' ice and snow consumption.

Combined with holding a simple, safe and exciting Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, actively implement the ice and snow tourism development action plan, vigorously expand the ice and snow competition performance market, create ice and snow sports brand events, further increase the participation of ice and snow consumption in the north, and fully explore The consumption potential of ice and snow in the south.

Strengthen the promotion and promotion of high-quality ice and snow tourism routes, and enrich the supply of surrounding tours, outings, and ice and snow tourism products.

Increase the construction of ice and snow tourism facilities, and promote the creation of indoor and outdoor ice and snow consumption scenarios that integrate fitness and leisure, competition performances, sports training, and cultural experience.

Carry out a variety of ice and snow consumption activities, optimize transportation and communication, equipment sales and leasing, emergency rescue and other services, and encourage the reduction of ticket prices and parking fees.

  5. Vigorously improve the supply of cultural tourism and leisure services.

Increase the supply of cultural and sports programs such as online TV, online movies, and live events during the Spring Festival, and encourage online video platforms to show movies at low prices for a limited time.

Focusing on implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 19th Plenary Sessions, carrying forward the spirit of the great party building, and carrying out online broadcast activities.

Hold digital culture and tourism consumption experience activities to promote the development of the online studio market.

Support social forces to build smart gyms and develop online fitness courses.

Implement measures such as "two-code" joint inspection, wearing masks, body temperature measurement, maintaining distance, and making reservations to limit current, and improve functions such as online booking, contactless services, and smart tour guides for tourist attractions and cultural venues, so as to better meet the needs of the masses for leisure Consumer demand.

Innovate flowers, New Year pictures and other New Year decorations, encourage the rational use of intangible cultural heritage resources to launch Spring Festival-themed cultural and creative products, and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

  6. Further stimulate the new vitality of smart retail.

Promote digital transformation and online and offline collaboration in physical shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc., develop new retail formats such as warehouse membership stores and "store-to-home" services, accelerate the cultivation of new experiential and immersive consumption scenarios, and improve consumption intelligence and convenience level.

Encourage office buildings, residential quarters, community business circles, etc. to accelerate the deployment of supporting smart supermarkets, smart stores, smart bookstores, and smart pharmacies, optimize new business services such as self-delivery cabinets and cloud cabinets, and develop contactless transaction services. "Cloud life" and other new consumer demands.

  7. Actively develop green consumption.

Vigorously promote green certified products, promote the wide acceptance of green certification results, promote e-commerce platforms and distribution companies such as shopping malls, supermarkets and other distribution companies to open green and low-carbon product zones, carry out online and offline exhibitions and sales activities, and expand the green consumption market of residents.

Encourage qualified places to give appropriate subsidies or loan discounts to consumer goods such as green building materials and low-carbon energy-saving products.

Accelerate the establishment of a recycling system for waste materials.

Support household appliances, furniture and other enterprises to carry out the activities of "exchanging old for new" and "discarding with replacement", strengthen the publicity and interpretation of the standard of safe service life of household appliances, and encourage the reasonable updating of household appliances.

  8. Promote the healthy development of housing consumption.

Strengthen the guidance of expectations, explore new development models, adhere to the simultaneous development of rental and purchase, accelerate the development of the long-term rental market, and gradually make rental and purchase houses have the same rights to enjoy public services.

Promote the construction of affordable housing, focusing on cities with high population inflows and high housing prices, and expand the supply of affordable rental housing.

Support the commercial housing market to better meet the reasonable housing needs of home buyers.

City-specific policies to promote a virtuous circle and healthy development of the real estate industry.

  9. Implement the bailout policy for small, medium and micro enterprises.

Starting from improving consumption expectations and ensuring consumption and supply, continue to do a good job of "six stability" and "six guarantees", especially to ensure employment, people's livelihood and market players, and implement various tax and fee reduction policies.

Improve the normalized assistance mechanism for enterprises to stabilize jobs, increase unemployment insurance to support enterprises in stabilizing jobs, implement the policy of returning stable jobs, carry out large-scale vocational skills training with enterprises as the main body, and coordinate efforts to stabilize jobs, prevent unemployment, increase skills and increase income.

Strengthen the rectification of delinquent accounts of small and medium-sized enterprises in accordance with laws and regulations.

  10. Make every effort to ensure the basic living consumption of groups such as those in need.

Increase the basic guarantee for the needy people, implement the basic living assistance system and the special assistance system for medical care, education, housing, employment, and disaster-stricken people, effectively guarantee the wage payment of migrant workers, and do everything possible to meet the basic living consumption needs of the people in need.

Implement the linkage mechanism linking social assistance and security standards with price increases, and where conditions permit, festival subsidies or temporary living allowances may be appropriately distributed to people in need based on actual conditions.

Deepen the trade union's warm-hearted activities, carry out visits and condolences, help solve practical problems and difficulties, implement reasonable welfare benefits, and ensure that employees warm their hearts during the holidays.