You have seen the goblets in the hands of gentlemen and beauties shake gently during a Western-style banquet, and a red wine drips down the wall; you have seen a Chinese-style wine party, where all the guests clink their glasses and smack them all, making it hot The feeling rushed out of his throat, shouting good wine.

Have you ever seen a fine wine tasting good or bad with the sound of hops shaking only with your ears?

  "Ting Peanut Jin Liquor", which brings drinkers an extraordinary tasting experience, may be the most unique and poetic gift an innovator can give you.

  This high-end business liquor is brewed with a proprietary systemic enhancement process. On the basis of the aroma and bottom taste of Chinese liquor, the aesthetic conception of liquor has been upgraded to "one inch higher in fragrance, three feet thick in taste, and mouth-watering" new mood.

Listen to the flowers and wine, the wine can be heard

  Pour fine wine into a wine glass, observe its color, smell its fragrance, taste its taste, and let the lips, tongue, nose, and eyes all immerse in it. This is probably the most proud moment for good wine drinkers.

During the gathering, this experience spreads to the movements of the body, such as traditional drinking orders, throwing pots, and guessing boxing. In the high-spirited momentum, the spirit of the drinker goes from smoky to hearty.

  In the modern banquet scene that pays attention to business etiquette, the demand for fun and elegance is magnified to the extreme.

Just at this time, Tinghua wine, which can be "Tinghua breaks wine", entered the banquet market.

  The so-called "listening to the flowers and breaking the wine" refers to the thickness and density of the popping sound of hops to judge its pros and cons.

In fact, in ancient times, there was a brewing technique of "seeing flowers and picking wine". Skilled craftsmen could even judge the quality of wine by listening to the sound of hops popping, which is called "listening to flowers and breaking wine".

  Zhang Xuefeng, chairman of Qinghai Spring and chief designer of Tinghua Wine, presided over the creation of "Tinghua Wine", and rediscovered this tasting method.

  Tinghua wine prepared a tin bottle in the tasting wine set. The taster poured the wine into the tin bottle, shook the bottle to sway a lot of hops, and then pressed the bottom of the bottle to the side of the ear and listened quietly.

  Tinghua wine has excellent wine body association, the hop crackling sound is even and delicate, dense and powerful, and the hops last for a long time.

Its mellow and lingering flavor can be heard.

  As mentioned in "Flavor Chemistry and Technology", the complete flavor experience is the combination of various senses and the cognitive processing of these sensory information.

Listening to flower wine is to mobilize all the senses of the drinker, so that people can devote themselves to the tasting of fine wines and immerse themselves in the pleasant feeling of smoky smoke.

The world's first "full sensory" tasting of liquor

  In addition to hearing, Tinghua wine also introduces touch into the tasting process. Through the five steps of listening, viewing, smelling, burning, and tasting, it mobilizes the five senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste, and conducts full-sensory tasting from the outside to the inside.

  Looking at the hanging glass and smelling the wine with a Burgundy glass is another innovation in listening to flower wine.

  The belly-shaped wine glass is more conducive to the expansion and diffusion of the liquor, and the slightly narrowed inward opening of the glass is easier to gather fragrance.

Tinghua wine has a mellow body and lasts for a long time; while Tinghua Jiangxiang wine has charred honey, sweet flowers and fruits, and light cream, and Tinghua strong aromatic wine has fruit honey, cellar aging and a touch of compound flowers. The fruit slowly dissipates, and the smell is distinct and intoxicating.

  True gold is not afraid of fire, and fine wine is not afraid of burning.

Shochu liquor is an important part of "full sensory" tasting.

Tinghua wine uses the process of chemical gain to refine the wine to a moderate temperature and coolness. The burning of the wine produces less heat, and the combustion is not sufficient. The hand can clearly feel that the temperature of the residual liquid after burning is low, and it is still fragrant. pleasant.

  The last step is to taste the taste. The wine body lingers on the tip of the tongue, soft to the touch, moisturizing and moisturizing, as warm as spring, with a long aftertaste.

  Why is there such a full sensory, fully immersive experience?

  This is thanks to the innovative craftsmanship of Tinghua Wine.

On the one hand, because brewing produces more beneficial components that are fragrant and tasteful, this is the material basis for the "high aroma and thick taste" of the wine body.

For example, in the secondary fermentation process using directional bacteria, when the fermentation conditions such as time and temperature are effectively controlled, the production of beneficial flavor components such as acids and esters during the fermentation process can be directionally increased, which is both rich and in an appropriate balance.

  On the other hand, the wine body obtained by the innovative process can continuously activate the "switch" on the salivary glands that controls saliva secretion - M receptors, and promote the increase of saliva secretion.

Saliva is the key to the perception of delicious food. Listening to the falling of flowers, the mouth is full of saliva, which greatly enhances the taste buds' sensitivity to delicious wine and food, and makes more flavor substances turn into the beauty of the tongue, fully demonstrating the ancient wisdom of relish.

  A client of Tinghua Wine under the pseudonym "Yue Cong Shou" published "Seven Laws Tingjiu" on China Poetry Network, making an appropriate footnote for the "full sense" appreciation of artistic beauty:

  The new score is a thousand-year-old tongue song,

  Raising a glass and smacking Lu Tong's lips.

  The hops burst and lingered for a long time,

  The wall is full of tears.

  The disadvantages of the three sieves of the thick taste,

  The incense is one inch higher.

  The buds on the branches are beginning to open,

  May the drunken east wind and the moon hang on the tung.