Compared to the "simple" GR, the Toyota Yaris GRMN is distinguished by the absence of a rear bench seat and by its stiffened body thanks to 545 additional welding points.

Wider and lower by 10 mm for better road holding, it receives a gearbox with shorter ratios.

Its engine does not evolve in power (272 hp) but it gains in torque with an additional 20 Nm, to peak at 390 Nm.

The customer can choose between 3 versions of the car: Standard, Track Package and Rally Package.

Each receives specific buffs depending on the terrain it is intended for.

In Japan, prices start at €56,000 and peak at €64,900 for the track version.

A lottery will be organized to decide between the amateur candidates, who will only be able to place their order after having been selected.

Just one detail to add: only Japanese customers can participate in the draw, these 500 copies were reserved for the Japanese market.


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