Tangshan, Hebei to build a green "new steel city"

  Shijiazhuang News from Economic Daily (Reporters Chen Fafang and Song Meiqian) Tangshan City, Hebei Province has taken solid steps to build a green "new steel city".

According to statistics, in the first 11 months of 2021, the added value of Tangshan's high-quality steel industry increased by 2.9% year-on-year, accounting for 57.9% of the added value of the industry above the designated size.

  Tangshan is one of the regions with the most concentrated steel production capacity in my country. It has formed a steel industry system with complete main and auxiliary industries and complete upstream and downstream industrial chains.

However, the production capacity within the city is relatively scattered, especially the steel enterprises located in the main urban area, and the production activities have a greater impact on the urban function and environment.

  To this end, Tangshan has forced industrial transformation and upgrading by retreating from the city due to pollution. Relying on the advantages of low cost of coastal port logistics, it has built a coastal iron and steel base, optimized the layout of the steel industry, and promoted the main urban areas of Tangshan Iron and Steel, Tangyin and other major urban areas and surrounding iron and steel enterprises. Layout, the proportion of production capacity in coastal areas in the city will increase from 19% to about 50%, which will not only reduce the pressure on the urban environment, but also make room for urban development.

Recently, in Laoting Economic Development Zone, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, the construction of the HBIS-Posco high-end automotive sheet joint venture project jointly built by HBIS Group and South Korea's Posco Steel Company started.

  While the layout has been optimized, Tangshan has also promoted the large-scale equipment, intelligent manufacturing, high-quality products and enterprise groupization of the steel industry, so as to realize the transformation from a big steel market to a strong steel market.

Walking into the new area of ​​Tangshan Iron and Steel Company of Hegang Group, the first thing you see are the fully enclosed corridors and pipes hovering above the factory area.

"The fully enclosed leak-free belt conveyor transport corridor eliminates the impact of fugitive emissions on the environment." Xue Junan, director of the manufacturing department of Tangshan Iron and Steel Company, introduced.

  In order to improve the quality of products, Tangshan has carried out actions in iron and steel enterprises, and formulated special support policies for the transformation and upgrading projects of the iron and steel industry with good growth and high added value; Created a number of competitive products, such as steel sheet piles produced by Jinxi Iron and Steel, with a market share of 52.92%...

  As the product becomes more refined, the chain also becomes longer.

Song Qingkun, general manager of Hebei Shoulang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that the company can produce 5,000 tons of new feed protein and 45,000 tons of ethanol using the annual production exhaust gas of Shougang Jingtang Iron and Steel Company 360 million standard cubic meters as raw materials.