Zhongxin Finance, January 11 (Reporter Zhang Xu) In response to the epidemic in Henan, recently, the special class of traffic control and transportation guarantee of the comprehensive group of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council issued a notice, requiring all traffic classes to be arranged in the local joint prevention and control mechanism Under the deployment, the classification and classification of traffic control shall be implemented, and it is not allowed to increase the code layer by layer without authorization, and engage in "one size fits all".

The picture shows medical staff preparing to test a student at a nucleic acid testing point in Zhengzhou.

Photo by Yang Dayong

  Notice requirements and standardize the setting of epidemic inspection sites.

The special classes for traffic control and transportation support in Henan Province and neighboring provinces such as Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Shandong, Hubei, Shaanxi, etc., must be scientifically and rationally arranged under the overall arrangement of the local joint prevention and control mechanism. Set up highway epidemic prevention and control inspection stations. In principle, only one inspection station is set up in the same direction. It is strictly forbidden to set up epidemic prevention and control inspection stations on the main line of expressway and provincial boundary without authorization, and it is not allowed to block or isolate expressways, national and provincial trunk lines and rural roads without authorization.

  For emergency supplies transportation vehicles from cities where the medium and high-risk areas in Henan Province are located, the inspection sites for road epidemic prevention and control in various places have normal body temperature detection of drivers and passengers, negative nucleic acid test results within 48 hours of inspection, green health code and itinerary code, and hold On the basis of the "Pass", to ensure smooth passage, drivers and passengers must strictly perform personal protection and health monitoring to reduce contact with other people; for vehicles confirmed to be from cities in Henan Province that are not medium and high-risk areas by checking the itinerary code, When the temperature of the driver and passengers is normal, and the health code and itinerary code are green, the passage shall not be restricted arbitrarily.

  The notice requires the rapid formation of an emergency transport fleet for key personnel.

The transportation department of Henan Province should guide the city and county-level transportation departments to prepare for the emergency transportation fleet, organize transportation enterprises with a high degree of daily management, and select vehicles with good technical conditions and drivers with strong professional quality, and organize them in different regions. Emergency transportation fleets including passenger cars, buses, taxis, etc., are equipped with sufficient epidemic prevention materials to meet the travel needs of medical staff, urban basic operation support personnel, and epidemic prevention staff, and to ensure the public's emergency travel needs such as medical treatment.

  Special traffic classes at all levels in epidemic-related areas shall, in accordance with the deployment of the local joint prevention and control mechanism, work with health, civil affairs and other departments to guide and ensure the service guarantee for stranded vehicles and personnel in road service areas, logistics parks, freight depots and other areas in epidemic-related areas. Provide nucleic acid testing, catering, rest and other service guarantees for the stranded personnel; for the truck drivers and other personnel who are allowed to leave the epidemic-related areas through the local joint prevention and control mechanism, they should be instructed to strictly carry out personal protection and health monitoring, and reduce stopovers. Avoid contact with other personnel, and in accordance with the deployment of the local joint prevention and control mechanism, promptly copy the personnel information to the special class for epidemic prevention and control in the relevant area, and include it in the management of key personnel for epidemic prevention and control.