Recently, the virtual person swiped the screen!

For example, "Teng Lijun" sang with Zhou Shen at the concert, "Aijia" appeared on a variety show, and "Liu Yexi", which attracted more than 8 million fans within two months of starring in a short play, etc., are being launched in all walks of life. virtual person.

In the future, what are the application scenarios and commercialization potential of virtual humans?

In the workplace, will it compete with humans for jobs?

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Xu Jing

  Virtual "Teng Lijun" stunning New Year's Eve concert

  At present, virtual people are in the limelight. With the help of Jiangsu Satellite TV, Dragon TV, Bilibili and other opportunities to integrate virtual human elements into the New Year's Eve party, this concept has set off a new wave in the capital market.

  On the evening of December 31, 2021, at Jiangsu Satellite TV's New Year's Eve concert, through virtual technology, singer Zhou Shen and "Teng Lijun" sang "Story of a Small Town" on the same stage. The fidelity of "Teng Lijun" is amazing.

It is understood that Teresa Teng's "Resurrection" integrates the world's leading facial capture, motion capture and top special effects technologies, and adopts the high-end rendering system "Mystique Live" under the blessing of integrated machine learning, which was used in the movie "Avengers". " series.

And Digital Domain, the technology provider behind the virtual human "Teng Lijun", rose by 25% on January 3.

On the interactive platform of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, issues related to virtual people were mentioned 141 times in the past week, accounting for 24.6% of the interaction volume in the past year.

  Previously, there was a "virtual person" on social platforms such as Douyin that became popular overnight.

"Virtual beauty expert" Liu Yexi has been online for less than a month. With only two videos, she has gained more than 5 million followers. The makeup "out of the circle" has caused real beauty bloggers to compete for imitation makeup.

A reporter from the Yangzi Evening News noticed that as of now, Liu Yexi has launched a total of 6 video works, with more than 8.32 million fans. Netizens commented that "the quality of the film was filmed", and the plot was coherent, which greatly increased the stickiness of fans.

The most frequently asked question by netizens is: "Is Liu Yexi a real person?"

  "Virtual human" is divided into idol type and practical type

  Since 2021, the attention of virtual humans has increased significantly, and the commercialization potential has begun to appear.

Relevant listed companies have also started the "human creation campaign".

  Mango Supermedia launched the virtual host "YAOYAO", Blue Cursor released the first digital virtual person "Su Xiaomei", and Zhejiang Wen Internet joint venture launched the national style virtual IP "Jun Ruo Jin".

  In terms of function, virtual people are mainly divided into idol type and practical type. The core of the former lies in the value and derivative ability of the IP behind it, while the core of the latter lies in technical ability.

  Brand endorsement has become the most important commercial realization method for idol-type virtual people.

Taking AYAYI as an example, it has cooperated with well-known brands such as Guerlain, Tmall, Anmuxi, and Porsche in only half a year.

  Live broadcast and internet celebrities have also become the key development markets for virtual IPs. Representative IPs include American anchor CodeMiko, Chinese Douyin internet celebrity Axi, B station virtual up host Lu Ming, and Japanese virtual model Imma.

Netizens commented on this, "Probably the biggest advantage is the stability of the characters!"

  The "virtual human" industry has entered a period of acceleration

  With so many virtual idols appearing, will fans pay for it?

It is understood that the methods of realizing virtual idols mainly include platform membership fees, live broadcast rewards, brand endorsements, and stage appearance fees.

  These virtual idols, who do not eat or drink, and do not "roll over", are not cheap.

Although the virtual digital human market has exceeded 200 billion yuan now, and it is expected to reach 270 billion yuan in 2030, Liu Yexi, who has 8.32 million fans, has not yet made a profit, and is still in the stage of burning money to build momentum and attract fans.

  Virtual people can be open all year round. Will they pose a "threat" to real people in the workplace?

In this regard, the "Virtual Digital Human Depth Industry Report" released by the information company Qubit shows that the market is currently in the early stage of cultivation, and virtual anchors and virtual idols are the current market hot spots.

The report believes that "people" are the core factor of virtual digital people, and the intimacy, caring and immersion brought by high anthropomorphism to users are the core driving force of most consumers.

Whether it can provide a sufficiently natural and realistic experience of getting along with each other will become an important criterion for virtual digital humans to replace real people in various scenes and to upgrade the way of voice interaction.