China News Agency, Beijing, January 10 (Reporter Zhou Yin) The reporter learned from the 2022 National Civil Aviation Work Conference held on the 10th that China's civil aviation will focus on the main line of smart civil aviation this year and promote the upgrading of the civil aviation technology innovation system.

  The Civil Aviation Administration of China disclosed that this year, it will strengthen basic research on applications in the field of civil aviation, vigorously promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements such as Beidou navigation and 5G aviation applications; study the preparation and construction plan of the National Technology Innovation Center in the field of civil aviation, promote the preparation of national key laboratories, and strive to achieve national scientific and technological innovation. Make a breakthrough in base zero; build civil aviation science and education innovation parks in the north and south, and strive to build a world-renowned civil aviation talent center and innovation highland; do a good job in the approval of key projects such as C919, MA700, Changjiang-1000A, and Zhi-15.

  This year, civil aviation will adhere to the high-level air rights opening policy, expand the reserve of air rights resources, improve the rules for the allocation of international passenger air rights, and implement a more flexible policy for the allocation of air rights for international cargo; promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of high-density airports, and implement control over small and medium-sized airports Operation mode change; further implement refined management of airport capacity, and make fine division of airport capacity.

  The Civil Aviation Administration said that this year, civil aviation will actively participate in the reform of the national air traffic control system, accelerate the reconstruction of the airspace resource allocation model; improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism for civil aviation items on the negative list for market access, foreign investment access and cross-border services, and relax industry regulations in an orderly manner. to further deepen the reform of civil aviation prices and charges, encourage airlines to implement differentiated service pricing strategies, and encourage airports to increase non-aviation revenue through business innovation; continue to promote the pilot program of the seventh freedom of navigation in Hainan, and deepen the pilot reform and innovation measures of civil aviation in the Pilot Free Trade Zone. ; Solidly promote the reform of the general aviation field.

  In addition, this year, civil aviation will also implement the legislative plan, cooperate with the review of the Civil Aviation Law, carry out research on the Aviation Law and Airspace Management Regulations; promote the formulation and maintenance of the Accident Investigation Regulations, Flying Mark Regulations, and Airport Regulations; Rules and regulations in key areas such as flight operations, security, airport construction, dangerous goods, freight, and drones.